Media marketing expert accuses Neekolul of botting


TikTok egirl turned Twitch live streamer accused of botting Twitch, Twitter and YouTube by analyst who claims her accounts show red flags.

Nicole Sanchez, better known as Neekolul, appears to be paying for views, likes and even follows analyst says when comparing her statistics to other big influencers like Pokimane.


Is it against Twitch’s terms of service to purchase views, likes, and followers? We’re rather certain it is, and Twitch staff should certainly investigate Neekolul’s strange account behaviour because, according to an expert, she is botting.

Dale, a multimedia marketing expert, examined Neekolul’s social media analytics and found that she is manipulating her ranking through the use of bots.

“It doesn’t make sense,” Dale told us. “All of her profiles are on a downwards trend but there’s a massive weekly boost that helps her maintain her position.”

Neekolul Pokemon cards
Multimedia and marketing expert accuses Neekolul of buying bots/botting.

Dale works for one of the world’s top media firms as a media marketing and public relations professional. His role is to scout for potential creators and approach them with mutually advantageous cooperation opportunities. After studying Neekolul’s social media pages, he disclosed that his company is not interested in promoting her.

“Neekolul’s team approached us about a six-figure collaboration, and like we do with anyone we wish to promote, we conducted a full review of all of her social media platforms, including Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, and even TikTok. We discovered several significant red flags and chose not to proceed with the cooperation.”

According to Dale, Neekolul appeared to be manipulating her social rank by buying views, likes and follows by using a bot.

“10% is a good rule of thumb for any type of social activity. If you invite all 100,000 of your Facebook fans to an event, just 10% will RSVP. Only 10% of that 10% will actually attend the event. Of course, this figure is subject to change, but it serves as a decent beginning point,” Dale added.

“Neekolul has close to 700,000 followers on Twitter and has less then 1 percent engagement on there. We always look at comments because that is a good indicator of human interaction. Likes, follows and retweets can be purchased online. While some of her posts get up to 40,000 likes she will rarely break more than 1,000 comments.”

[mv_video doNotAutoplayNorOptimizePlacement=”false” doNotOptimizePlacement=”false” jsonLd=”true” key=”uyixs9eshzpfvqrpdzef” ratio=”16:9″ thumbnail=”” title=”Neekolul almost burns house down live during cooking stream wearing a maids outfit” volume=”70″]

“To get a true sense of her fans’ engagement, you should look at her promotional posts. They receive an average of approximately 100 comments and 5,000 likes. This indicates that her actual Twitter following is closer than 100,000. This is still a really good figure, and she may easily obtain a large number of sponsorships, but unfortunately for her, her team simply requested too much.”

Dale proceeded: “However, it is quite difficult to determine someone’s legitimacy solely through Twitter. We examined her Twitch and YouTube feeds and observed that she is losing hundreds of followers daily – most likely due to bot accounts being cleansed. Additionally, we found that once a week, the channel experiences a surge in followers and views, which is contrary to the channel’s tendency. I feel that Neekolul, or at least some of her viewers, are utilising bots to increase her rank.”

How old is Neeolul? 35?
Busted! Is Neekolul buying bots/botting?

Neekolul skyrocketed to internet fame, seemingly out of nowhere, when her ‘OK boomer’ TikTok video went viral. Less then 6 months later she was one of the biggest partnered Twitch streamers and had signed with 100 Thieves.

Is Neekolul buying bots/botting? Neekolul’s boyfriend/husband, Nick Brotman, is also one of the top honchos in the world largest creator talent management agencies, Night Media. The company manages many top tier talents such as Mr Beast. It is possible that Night Media are paying for Neekolul’s bots to entice potential sponsors who don’t do their research.

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