Nick Brotman, Neekolul’s mysterious boyfriend, is world’s largest talent rep


Believe it or not. Neekolul’s boyfriend, Nick Brotman, is responsible for YouTube’s biggest content creators such as Mr Beast and Azzyland.

Neekolul is sleeping with her boss. That’s right; Neekolul’s boyfriend, Nick Brotman, is the cofounder of the world’s largest content creator talent agency — Night Media. He’s even the one that helped YouTuber Mr Beast get his big break!

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Night Media is a multimedia talent management company and creative outpost for the largest creators on the internet, or so the site says. They are responsible for the success of such talents as Mr Beast, Preston, Azzyland, Karl Jacob and — you guessed it — Neekolul.

Despite the company’s CEO, and founder, claiming that Night Media/Ventures launched 6 years ago, records show that there are no mentions of them up until 2019 when their official site was launched. The talent and digital marketing agency was allegedly started by 29-year-old ex-sports agent Reed Duchscher, however, evidence seems to point at Nicole ‘Neekolul’ Sanchez’s boyfriend being the man behind the curtain.

Brotman with Team Mr Beast

Nick Brotman, Neekolul’s current boyfriend, has been a talent agent for content creators ever since he graduated from Rowan University in New Jersey with a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Communications and Media/Multimedia. He went on to further his education of Digital Marketing at General Assembly while working part-time as a manager for a small Esports team.

Shortly after graduating Nick Brotman went to work at Night Media, even though technically the company did not exist yet. When he described what type of work he did as an account manager he said, “[I] sat on our CEO’s desk and ran day-to-day coordination for MrBeast and PrestonPlayz.”

Nick Brotman Night Media

Taking a peek at his now abandoned Instagram page it is very clear that, before this time, Brotman was close friends with Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson and was possibly working as his manager before Night Media Co was founded.

Brotman started dating Nicole ‘Neekolul’ Sanchez around early 2019 or late 2018, before the peak of her fame, and may be the mastermind behind viral ‘OK Boomer’ TikTok video that launched her career as a social media star and influencer. Before she started dating Nick she only had a few thousand followers and did makeup blogs on YouTube in Spanish. In an old, now deleted, YouTube video she even admitted to not being into video games.

Neekolul was known for being quite toxic back before she met Brotman. She was arrested for domestic abuse after beating her ex-boyfriend to where it left a physical scar. She would also often go on Twitter rants and brag about her looks as well as poor shame low income earners. Nick Sanchez, being the talent agent he is, was the one to change her.

Neekolul's boyfriend

Despite Neekolul’s Twitch and YouTube channels slowly dying she is still getting massive sponsorship deals thanks to her boyfriend’s connections. She’s currently represented by Night Media and 100 Thieves and is partnered and sponsored by Rocket Mortgage, TRULY Hard Seltzer alcoholic beverages, Cash App, Chipotle, JBL, Rockstar Energy Drink, Omen, Gucci, and One Plus.

So, why would one of Night Media’s key players want to keep such a low profile? Perhaps to spare his girlfriend, Nicole ‘Neekolul’ Sanchez the criticism of not earning her fame fair and square.

Brotman has not posted onto his Instagram for many months. He’s even made his Twitter profile private and, despite being the ‘director of talent’ for the word’s largest talent agency, his name is nowhere on their site. Did Neekolul sleep her way to the top? We can clearly see that she’s getting some massive perks for, literally, sleeping with her boss.

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