Meninist calls Sarah Michelle Gellar ugly, gets told off by his own peers


Sarah Michelle Gellar was pictured meeting fans in New York. A MGTOW member claimed the actress had ‘hit the wall’, but his peers were quick to shut him down.

MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) is an anti-feminist, or a meninist, mostly online community advocating for men to separate themselves from a society which they see as harmful to men, and particularly to eschew marriage and cohabitation. The majority of its members are people who have suffered through abusive relationships or men who feel they’ve been cheated by a legal system that unconditionally favours women.

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While some MGTOW members are men who have legitimately been cheated and have suffered significant financial loss, others are merely bitter internet trolls who simply hate women. And one of these users decided to take a stab at Sarah Michelle Gellar after new pictures of the 42 year old actress surfaced. Warning: comments are very distasteful.

Man, Sarah Michelle Gellar hit the wall

Meninist call Sarah Michelle Gellar ugly.

According to some MGTOW members, a woman’s only worth is her looks and eventually their looks fade. This is what they describe as ‘hitting the wall’. However, not every member shares this sentiment and a lot of people still thought the 42 year old actress looked amazing for her age.

she probably works out

Meninist does not think Sarah Michelle Gellar ugly.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. met while filming I Know What You Did Last Summer in 1997. They remained close friends and then started dating in 2000 and officially tied the knot in 2002. Despite hardship, SMG has committed to making the marriage work. They have been married for 17 years and have two children; a daughter born in 2009 and a son born in 2012.

Sarah Michelle Gellar with her family

Sarah Michelle Gellar with her family.

Sarah Michelle Gellar ugly? No. But she’s still a woman, guy says

One particular heart-broken individual commented: “Looks like a nice middle aged lady. Too bad you cant trust any of them now ‘eh? Thats [sic] the bottom line, and where this is all going…. That thru [sic] a combination of women’s Lib, and the system’s gender bias, it’s cannibalizing the society… And it’s starting to snowball.” He continues, “the bad news for women and the system, is guys can live and feel fine as minimalists, and are peeling off from social engagement. It’s just not worth the risks, and things are too screwed up to bother. And it’s not the only crap ration in life.”

“Human social behavior is a shitfest on a good day. We’ve all seen it, from High School Cliques, to backstabbing Co-workers. We can find better things to do…. Each find our own exit niche.g Basically its all a horrid movie, and the men are walking out… And its everywhere at the same time.”

“All you really need, is a warm dry place to sleep and cook, a decent meal or two every day, and a few simple pleasures to keep you happy. Even with the escalated costs of everything, thats [sic] all obtainable.”

“Personally I’m looking forward to years of pleasant Christmas’s, Rum and Eggnog, decorate the abode a little, buy the dogs new collars and some doggie treats, listen to Christmas Music, and just bask in the tranquility [sic] of solitude, and think about the traditions stretching back thousands of years…. Maybe look at images of related artwork online, add to my collection of screenshots of it. You don’t need anybody to appreciate life.”

“If society is screwed up, avoid it. If women are screwed up, avoid them too. There’s ten thousand good things you can do without either. And if that effect of our ghosting the system and normalcy is cumlative [sic]? Well, it ain’t our problem… and nobody on planet Earth gave a shit about us in divorce court etc.”

“We don’t have to hate, be angry, or even be mildly upset…. All we need to do, is embrace the gift of freedom we have been given inadvertantly [sic]. And it will be a chuckle thinking about millions of ‘Cat Lady Christmas’s’. Guys are fine alone…. actually we learn to savor it. Women think they gotta group up and run their mouths.”

“Personally, looking forward to eating nice holiday meals at buffet restuarants [sic] alone, doggie bag for my four legged buddies, and watching to see how many single women there are eating alone & looking sad… It’s gonna be a hoot!”

Oof! I can only imagine how terrible this guy’s divorce was to make him so resentful. Although I feel his pain, I don’t pity his extreme level of defeatism. There are people happily married out there, really making it work… and Sarah Michelle Gellar is the perfect example of that.

Fortunately some members of the community are reasonable and call it like they see it.

MGTOW meninist comments on SMG

Meninist (MGTOW) respond to new SMG pictures.

If it is of any consolation tribes33, your comment did somewhat save the meninist community some face. Glad to see that even scorn men still think Sarah Michelle Gellar is absolutely gorgeous, because she totally is.

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