Mr Beast cancelled again, this time for tipping a Toyota Corolla car


Mr Beast ,YouTube’s Prince of Philanthropy strikes again, but some are crying foul for tipping a waitress a brand new branded Toyota Corolla.

Well, butter my biscuit, do I have a tale to tell you! You’ve probably heard of Mr Beast, the digital philanthropist who’s become synonymous with shock-and-awe generosity. With over 139 million subscribers, the man’s practically a legend, spending his days buying islands, donating millions to charity, or even handing out Lamborghinis like they’re candy.


In his latest stunt, however, Mr Beast, AKA Jimmy Donaldson, has found himself in the eye of the storm. A TikTok video posted on March 27th shows him gifting a waitress a brand new car as a tip. Yeah, you heard me right. A car!

Our waitress, Amy, is asked about the largest tip she’s ever received, which she pegs at about $50. Imagine her shock when Mr Beast whips out a set of keys and reveals he’s giving her a brand new Toyota Corolla. At first, she’s skeptical, but then he takes her outside, and there it is: a sleek black 2023 Toyota Corolla, top trim, and tuned up with all the bells and whistles. This baby’s got a hybrid engine, a 9-inch touchscreen display, wireless charging, blind spot monitor, smart key system, and more!

Feastables Toyota Corolla 2023
Mr Beast cancelled again, this time for tipping a Toyota Corolla Feastables car

Tears flow as Amy hugs Mr Beast, thanking him. She admits to being late for work because of a sluggish Uber, and that she doesn’t have a car of her own. Mr Beast wishes her well and concludes the video.

The TikTok has gone viral, racking up over 50 million views, 1 million likes, and 8,000 comments. While many folks are singing Mr Beast’s praises, dubbing him a hero and legend, there are some dissenters among the ranks.

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A few eagle-eyed viewers noticed two stickers on the car: Mr Beast’s YouTube logo on the hood and “Feastables” on the side. Feastables is Mr Beast’s recently launched chocolate line (not currently available in Austsralia). These people have accused him of using the car giveaway as a promotional ploy for his brand, exploiting Amy’s situation for personal gain. They argue that the car should have been logo-free, and question whether Amy can even afford the taxes, insurance, or maintenance for the car.

Mr Beast tips car
Mr Beast cancelled again, this time for tipping a Toyota Corolla car

In response to the backlash, Mr Beast left a comment on his TikTok post. He mentioned that the more Feastables products people buy, the more cars he can give away on social media. He also clarified that he paid for all the taxes and fees for the car and that Amy was free to remove the stickers if she chose to.

So, what do you make of Mr Beast’s automotive tip? Is it a heartfelt gesture or a cunning marketing move? Chime in below and let us know your thoughts!

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