New Silent Hill game uses AI for dialog and SMS messages


Recent leaks mention “SMS messages” confirming that it, in fact, Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hill game and it will use AI for dialog and text/SMS messages.

Our sources were right! New details about the highly anticipated Silent Hill game are starting to leak and its confirming everything we’ve been told about the game; Hideo Kojima’s new horror title will use feature AI meta humans that will contact you in real life via text!


Twitter user Dust Golem, previously known for his legitimate Resident Evil leaks, claimed to have information about the rumoured new Silent Hill games (yes, plural — their are two games reportedly in development).

Dust Golem dropped for screenshots which he alleges were from one of the Silent Hill games that are currently in production. The credibility of the leaks was later indirectly confirmed when they were promptly removed from Twitter following a DMCA strike from the copyright holder.

Dust Golem handed out screenshots, which he claims were taken from one of the Silent Hill games that are still in development at the moment. Later on, the legitimacy of the leaks was indirectly verified when they were swiftly taken from Twitter after the copyright owners issued a DMCA strike against them.

Post-human art shows player consciousness being deleted.
Post-human art shows player consciousness being deleted like Silent Hill concept.

But what’s more noteworthy is that the leaker referenced “Anita and Maya,” in addition to “SMS Messages,” all of which are strong indicators that these leaks originated from Kojima Productions.

POPTOPIC were told that Hideo Kojima’s new Silent Hill game would feature lifelike meta humans that would react uniquely to every single player. The new horror game would use open learning artificial intelligence (AI) to advance the game’s story. Additionally, the game’s characters would directly message you outside of the game via SMS message and your replies would not only impact your relationship with the character but also change the outcome of the game.

Metahuman Posthuman
Metahuman/post-human AI Silent Hill theory.

The theme of the Kojima Productions Silent Hill game is rumoured to be based on the concept of post-humanism, but not in its general sense.

Hideo Kojima has often talked about creating “real” characters for his games, however, any player will immediately know that character’s aren’t exactly real and will often disregard their requests and even perform inhumane acts on them.

Silent Hill leaks
Second picture in Silent Hill leaks shows post-human theme and AI SMS.

What if Kojima can somehow make these characters even more realistic. They’ll learn, react, talk, and even reflect on every single thing that you’ve done to them or said. Could you care enough about the character if they were fueled by ever-changing and adapting AI? Or would you be completely indifferent to their suffering? If you treat the game’s characters like NPCs, you are post-human.

With each non-human decision you make, it is conceivable that the game’s theme will cause you to lose touch with the game’s reality. Putting the player’s humanity to the test.

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