Rob Schneider hints that Adam Sandler and friends are Trump supporters


During an interview, Rob Schneider stated that most of his friends, including Adam Sandler, are conservative and likely Trump supporters.

It’s no big secret that the Deuce Bigalow actor is a conservative Trump supporter. The 58-year-old comedian/actor is very open about his political ideology on Twitter—however, in a recent interview, Rob Schneider hinted that his close friends, like Adam Sandler, are also “right-leaning.”

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During an interview with FOX & friends the Happy Madison Production regular opened up about why he left San Francisco and became a Republican.

“Newsom pushed me over the edge. I don’t think your life gets better there, it gets worse,” Schneider said about his experience living in California with Gavin Newsom as Governor.

He proceeded to voice his worries on the stringent rules, the rapidly increasing prices, and the high taxes in the state of California before making a joke about the state’s massive homeless problem.

“Maybe I’m looking at this all wrong. San Francisco either has a huge homeless problem or is a gigantic camping success story,” he joked.

Sandler & Schneider best friends.
Sandler & Schneider best friends.

FOX & friends host Ashley Earnardt asked Schneider whether he is concerned about not getting work in Hollywood as a conservative actor to which he replied, “yes–absolutely!”

“As an actor you’re always coming from a place trying to get to work but at a certain point you have to worry about, I mean I’m in in 50s now–late 50s, I worry more about the freedoms of my kids. I am a grandfather now and so at a certain point… it’s really weird,” he added.

“You know something is wrong when you people say that if you put God, family and country first that it is somehow controversial. How’s that controversial? At a certain point you have to say ‘enough of this’ and stand up to it.”

When asked by Brian Kilmeade whether he had lost friends in Hollywood after becoming Republican, Rob Schneider remarked, “I would say that people don’t return my calls as often.”

He then hinted that most of his closest Hollywood friends, likely the other members of Happy Madison Productions, are also conservative.

Jackie Sandler and Rob in Home Team.
Jackie Sandler and Rob in Home Team.

“To be honest with you a lot of people who I am friends with in Hollywood they lean towards the right but they are really scared of it [talking about it] because there is like a mob ideologues that will attack you and its not really based on anything but almost like a religious architecture in their thinking.”

Adam Sandler is likely one of those right-leaning, and possible Trump supporting, Hollywood actors that Schneider is talking of because he still has a really close friendship with him and his wife, Jackie Sandler, despite being very open about his political beliefs.

Schneider confirmed just how close he is with the Sandler family when he revealed that Adam Sandler’s wife will star along side him and biological daughter Miranda Scarlett Schneider in his upcoming comedy Daddy Daughter Trip.

“When you are shooting something you have to be comfortable with the person, and when you’ve spent so much time with these people we just just start rolling and shooting.

Adam Sandler's wife and Rob Schneider's daughter.
Adam Sandler’s wife and Rob Schneider’s daughter.

“She [Jackie Sandler] played my wife in Home Team with Kevin James who is another family member. We have a lot of fun together and we try not to let political whatever differences come between us. The love of country comes first,” he concluded.

Daddy Daughter Trip starring Rob Schneider, Jackie Sandler and John Cleese released in the USA on September 30, 2022 and currently has an impressive iMDB score of 72. Sadly there is no information on an Australian release date.

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