“Satanic Witches” Caught Performing Ritual on CCTV in Powell River


In a shocking turn of events, a resident of Powell River, Canada, captured footage of what appears to be satanic witches performing a ritual involving a carcass right next to her house. Corinea Stanhope, a local nurse, originally set up her security camera to observe wildlife activity during the night, but ended up documenting a horrifying scene that has since sent chills down the spines of viewers online​​.

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The footage, taken just after sunset, shows two naked women with long black hair obscuring their faces, squatting over a dead deer. They seem to be indulging in the carcass, reminiscent of disturbing scenes from horror films like “The Witch.” Only loin cloths cover their bodies, adding to the eerie atmosphere of the scene. Stanhope described one of the women appearing to have blonde hair underneath what seemed like a wig. Even more unsettling, she recounted, was that it looked as if the deer’s hoof was brought right up to one woman’s mouth​​.

The disconcerting footage has led to speculation about the involvement of a satanic ritual or prank. Local rumors about a cult that collects animal bones have also come into play. This bizarre incident has set social media ablaze, with users theorizing about potential demonic entities or local cults at work. One theory even suggested the involvement of Wendigos, native American spirits known for turning their hosts into cannibals​.

Witches CCTV
“Satanic Witches” Caught Performing Ritual on CCTV in Powell River

The unsettling event occurred in an area recently plagued by an upsurge in crime. According to recent reports, crime rates in the Powell River region have been steadily increasing. Notably, common offences such as break-ins, theft, and simple assaults are up significantly, creating an atmosphere of unease among residents. Additionally, an alarming trend of drug crime has been noted, which authorities believe is strongly tied to the regional upswing in crime​​.

Amid these rising crime statistics, the sighting of the alleged satanic witches is adding to the region’s fears. Stanhope shared that she was particularly disturbed as the unsettling event took place just two minutes from her house. As a horse owner, she’s concerned about potential interference with her animals. She shared that her horses have been spooked and unnerved around the area where the ritual was captured on camera, leading her to worry about potential nighttime disturbances​.

“Satanic Witches” Caught Performing Ritual on CCTV in Powell River

While there is no clear explanation for the bizarre incident, some residents are suggesting it could be an elaborate prank, albeit a deeply unsettling one. Stanhope herself hopes that this might be the case, stating, “I’m hoping they went for a walk in the day, saw the trail cam was set up and wanted to have a bit of fun with us.” Nonetheless, the event has undeniably cast a dark shadow over Powell River, leaving residents hoping for answers soon​​.

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