Twomad Responds to Allegation in Deleted Twitch Stream


In a now-deleted livestream, Twomad derisively referred to his accuser, Goldibell, as a “dumb b*tch” and a “snake,” openly mocking her.

In a recent controversial deleted livestream, Canadian YouTuber ‘Twomad’ faced backlash for his dismissive response to serious allegations leveled against him by a former friend, known online as ‘Goldibell’. The livestream, which was viewed by thousands before it was deleted, included Twomad laughing off the allegations and referring to Goldibell as a “dumb b*tch”.

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The backlash began when Twomad made a distasteful joke about a 16-year-old transgender girl, Brianna Ghey, who was tragically murdered in the United Kingdom. The public’s dismay escalated when Goldibell accused him of being a “psychopath” and alleged that Twomad had sexually assaulted her. While details of the accusation are still emerging, she alleged that the YouTuber had groped her.

Brianna Ghey
Murdered 16-year-old transgender girl Brianna Ghey.

In the now-deleted Twitch stream, Twomad can be heard laughing about the situation. “I got called out for saying my girlfriend is hot,” he chuckled, ostensibly referring not to an actual girlfriend but to to the deceased 16-year-old transgender girl. His humor in response to the grave allegations was widely criticized as disrespectful and tone-deaf.

The YouTuber seemed unperturbed by the serious nature of the allegations as he continued to laugh while reading the comments on his livestream. “This is ridiculous, man, I can’t believe people actually fall for this crap,” he said, further discrediting Goldibell’s claims and the public’s response.

“Are you serious? She’s a dumb b*tch,” Twomad retorted in response to one comment, referring to Goldibell. This comment, in particular, sparked outrage among viewers and further fanned the flames of public criticism.

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Twomad Responds to Goldibell Sexual Assault Allegation in Deleted Twitch Stream.

Throughout the livestream, Twomad maintained an air of defiant amusement, seeming to mock both the allegations and the public response to them. He repeatedly dismissed the seriousness of the accusations against him, painting them as baseless attempts to tarnish his reputation.

In between bouts of laughter, Twomad openly scorned the public’s reaction. “It’s crazy how worked up people get,” he said, shaking his head in apparent disbelief. “They hear something and jump right into believing it without any actual proof. It’s like a witch hunt or something.”

In what appeared to be an attempt to undermine Goldibell’s credibility, Twomad brought up the past dynamics of their relationship. “We were friends, and she’s just twisting things to her advantage,” he claimed. “She’s manipulating the situation and people’s sympathy.”

His tone took on an even more scornful edge when he addressed Goldibell’s accusations directly. “Look, she’s just trying to ruin me, trying to get her 15 minutes of fame. But I’m not gonna let that happen,” he said, with a confidence that many found unsettling, considering the gravity of the accusations.

Goldibell aka GlocksGoldi
Twomad Responds to Goldibell Sexual Assault Allegation in Deleted Twitch Stream.

He also took aim at those who had expressed support for Goldibell. “To all the people siding with her, y’all are getting played. She’s a snake,” Twomad said, his voice brimming with apparent indignation.

These statements have intensified the backlash against Twomad, with critics pointing out that they illustrate a disregard for the seriousness of the allegations and a lack of empathy towards potential victims of sexual assault. As of now, the public continues to closely follow the unfolding situation.

These events have provoked an important conversation about the power dynamics at play in the world of content creators and influencers. They also underscore the importance of taking allegations of sexual assault seriously. As social media platforms continue to grapple with the responsibility of handling such issues, the public is waiting to see how these platforms will respond to the actions of Twomad.

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