Microsoft and Activision deal is the best thing for consumers


It’s clear that the FTC lawsuit against Microsoft for the Activision merger deal is all about protecting Sony and not the consumers.

The Federal Trade Commission behaves more like a criminal organisation than a consumer protection agency. The FTC has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft over their acquisition of Activision in an effort to delay and derail the acquisition. However, a Microsoft/Activision partnership would benefit customers and gamers.

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The FTC’s goal is to protect the public from misleading or unfair business practises and unfair ways of competing. It does this by enforcing the law, lobbying for change, doing research, and educating people. Our work to protect consumers and encourage competition affects the way every American does business. However, with their recent lawsuit, they seem do be doing just the opposite.

Microsoft violated antitrust laws by making Bethesda videogames Game Pass exclusives after acquiring the studio, according to an FTC lawsuit.

However, Microsoft was always ambiguous with their answers and never expressly indicated that future releases will be available on PlayStation consoles. A spokeswoman for the FTC stated that Microsoft intentionally lied about their intentions to maintain Bethesda games on PlayStation.

The truth is, though, that the Microsoft/Activision deal would benefit consumers and gamers, greatly. Here is why:

Be available to more consumers.

The first and most undeniable fact that this deal is very beneficial for consumers is that Microsoft would make the game more accessible through their Game Pass service.

Forza Horizon 4 streamed from Cloud on iPhone.
Forza Horizon 4 streamed from Cloud on iPhone.

The Game Pass app is downloadable for use on a wide variety of platforms, including desktop and laptop computers, as well as mobile devices operating Android and iOS. Players can jump right into games without having to sacrifice valuable disc space on their device because a large number of the Game Pass games, including competitive shooters like Call of Duty, are playable on Xbox’s xCloud Gaming. This enables players to play games like Call of Duty and other competitive shooters.

Don’t need multiple copies of your games.

A lot of people own multiple copies of Call of Duty games. One copy so they can either play from home on their powerful PCs and another that is usually on their preferred console so that they can lan and link up with friends.

Game Pass Ultimate. Play anytime, anywhere.

At any given time, all Microsoft-owned games can be played on any device. Halo: Infinite is available for PC and Xbox, but you only need to buy one copy to play it on both platforms. This holds true for all Microsoft-owned titles that are accessible via Game Pass.

Gamers who own physical, or even digital copies of PlayStation exclusives, still have to purchase the game, again, at full price if they want to play it on PC.

Day One.

Unlike Sony, Microsoft don’t make their consumers pay premiums for exclusive titles. All Microsoft exclusive titles are available day one on Game Pass for as little as AUD$15 a month. So, if there are several major releases dropping in one month, you don’t ever have to worry about breaking bank.

Additionally, you can pause your subscription at any time, and when you return you will still have access to all the Xbox Gold freebies you claimed while you had an active membership.

Day One Microsoft Exclusive Games!
Day One Microsoft Exclusive Games!

While Sony recently launched a similar service with PlayStation Plus Deluxe, it costs and extra AUD$6 per month, comes with less benefits, smaller games library and you do not get triple A exclusives day one.


Microsoft have promised that the Call of Duty franchise will come to the Nintendo consoles, such as the Switch, if the Activision deals come through, which means that the consumers and gamers definitely benefit. More players means better games!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II/ Warzone 2.0 on Nintendo Switch.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II/ Warzone 2.0 on Nintendo Switch.

While Sony attempted to roast Microsoft for their Nintendo statement insinuating that the Switch is a kid’s console, they couldn’t be more wrong. There are a bunch of mature games available on the Nintendo Switch and the console is very popular among the older generation gamers.

This would also drive Nintendo sales because I know a lot of people who would pick up a Nintendo Switch just so they could play some competitive Call of Duty on the fly on a portable gaming device.

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