Ayo Edebiri “Not a Fan” of Depp or Pirates


A source close to Edebiri claims she sided with Heard throughout the trial and hasn’t seen any “Pirates” films.

Ayo Edebiri, the breakout star from The Bear, who also turned heads as the chonky, race-swapped April O’Neil in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem, apparently isn’t boarding the Pirates of the Caribbean ship anytime soon. Rumour has it she’s not exactly waving the flag for Johnny Depp or his swashbuckling movie series. According to a friend from her pirate-free days, “I haven’t talked to her in years, but from what I remember, she was not a fan of the Pirates movies. And she was definitely team Heard throughout the trial. Maybe this is her way of sending a ‘f*** you’ to Depp.”

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Disney’s next venture into the high seas, the much-talked-about (but even more despised) all-female Pirates of the Caribbean reboot, is eyeing Ayo Edebiri, famed for her Emmy-winning antics in The Bear, for a crucial part. Whisperings from the grapevine, courtesy of Daniel Richtman, hint at Edebiri being the frontrunner for Anne, a fresh-faced pirate, a la female Jack Sparrow, embarking on a treasure hunt. This casting buzz is a nod to Disney’s strategy to inject fresh blood and viewpoints into the beloved series, especially in the wake of Johnny Depp’s exit and the franchise’s pause.

Edebiri, with her eclectic resume spanning Theater Camp, Bottoms, and lending her voice to Big Mouth and Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, emerges as a fitting choice to navigate the treacherous waters of Pirates of the Caribbean. Alongside plans to unfurl a script featuring Margot Robbie and whispers of a Haunted Mansion franchise crossover, Disney appears set on broadening its cinematic horizons while paying homage to its storied past.

Jack Sparrow Pirates 6
Ayo Edebiri “Not a Fan” of Depp or Pirates

Meanwhile, in a plot twist worthy of a soap opera, Disney’s live-action Snow White is steering into choppy waters. Rachel Zegler, who’s stepping into the iconic shoes—or should we say, glass slippers—of Snow White, has found herself amidst a sea of controversy. Disney is rumored to be cutting her screen time for a younger, presumably less controversial version of Snow White. Perhaps they’re aiming for a less is more approach, or maybe it’s a bid to capture the untapped toddler demographic with a cuter, pint-sized Snow White.

April O'Neil / Ayo Edibiri
Ayo Edebiri “Not a Fan” of Depp or Pirates

Zegler hasn’t shied away from sharing her two cents on the original animated classic, finding it about as modern as a dial-up modem. She’s all for turning Snow White into a tale of empowerment, ditching the damsel in distress angle for a leadership seminar. Zegler envisions a Snow White who’s more about leading the charge than waiting for Prince Charming to save the day. Speaking of which, she’s thrown some shade at the prince himself, hinting that in today’s world, he might be more “creepy stalker” than “knight in shining armor.”

As for Disney’s response to the backlash? It’s a mix of cutting Zegler’s scenes, possibly dialing up the cuteness with flashbacks to Snow White’s childhood, and essentially trying to blend nostalgia with a dash of modern sensibilities. It’s like trying to mix oil and water, or in this case, classic fairy tales and contemporary critiques. Will this cocktail of old and new charm the audiences, or will it leave them wishing for a simpler, less complicated potion? Only time will tell.

The Bear
Ayo Edebiri “Not a Fan” of Depp or Pirates

Adding to the treasure trove of Disney drama, whispers of two major Pirates of the Caribbean projects have been floating around for a while, yet the seas have been eerily quiet on whether Johnny Depp will return to his iconic role as Captain Jack Sparrow. The rumors of an all-female reboot, potentially starring Margot Robbie, had fans hoisting their sails in excitement, believing such a cast could outshine any treasure found in the Caribbean. Honestly, a reboot led by Robbie might just be the ticket to outdo any box office gold a film with Edebiri could hope to unearth. But as the tides of Hollywood’s decisions ebb and flow, audiences are left scanning the horizon, waiting to see which direction the wind will blow for the future of these beloved franchises.

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