Kate Middleton to make a public statement against Meghan Markle


Reports indicate that Kate Middleton is set to make a public statement against Meghan Markle debunking her claims against the royal family.

Several sources have claimed that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has been chosen by the Queen of England as a royal spokesperson and will respond to Markle’s allegations.

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Mickey.com.au posted a quote from Us Weekly source that alleges the royal family trusts Kate Middleton to act as a spokesperson for them against Meghan Markle and her damaging comments made during her Oprah interview.

“There’s nobody better placed than Kate to set the record straight and reveal what really happened. She has such a calm and cool manner and aside from Prince William, she’s currently the most trusted member of the royals,” the source said.

The former Duchess of Sussex unleashed on the royal family in a lengthy interview with Oprah Winfrey last week. She said that the royal family made her suicidal and even called Kate Middleton a bully.

According Markle, Middleton was very snobbish too her and even brought her to tears a few times. However, Meghan’s former royal aides had a different story to tell.

Several royal aides who worked for Meghan Markle accused her of bullying and yelling at staff and treating them like trash. After the reports surfaced in the British media Markle said that none of these people should be believed.

The same argument was used by the former Good Morning Britain host by Piers Morgan when Markle herself levied damaging allegations against the royal family.

“This is a two hour trash-a-thon of our royal family, of the monarchy, of everything the Queen has worked so hard for and it’s all being done while Prince Philip lies in hospital.”

“They basically make it out that the entire royal family are a bunch of white supremacists by dropping this race bombshell, without evidence or even telling us who it was.”

“Her camp immediately said [about the bullying allegations] they can’t be believed. Both victims can’t be believed, and yet we are supposed to believe her own terrible ordeals of bullying, racism, and all the rest of it. You can have it both ways.”

Markle’s allegations have been very damaging to the royal family who, at that time, were not able to respond due a family crisis.

Prince Philip, 99, was admitted to the King Edward VII’s Hospital in early February on the advice of His Royal Highness’s doctor after he said he wasn’t feeling well.

Markle Oprah interviwe

Philip has remained in hospital since and the royal family is praying for his recover. The interview dropped during this time adding extra stress to the family during their trying moment.

The US Weekly source goes onto to claim that Meghan Markle lied about every seeking help or counsel for her mental health and the royal family never new exactly how depressed she was.

“Their stance is if they’d known, of course, the whole family would have pulled together to help more,” the source said.

As far as the racist claims go the source also alleges that none of the immediate royal family had any concerns about Harry’s and Meghan’s child’s skin colour.

“She knows the crown was stripping back privileges from Harry and Meghan, so if Archie was caught up in those rollbacks, Kate will want to make that right with Meghan,” the source concluded.

It is important to note that the US Weekly source is unnamed and the royal family have not made any further comments on the Markle Oprah interview.

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