Pokimane’s Twitch Tantrum Could Cost Amazon Big Bucks


Pokimane’s slanderous attacks on Twitch rival Kick.com may end up costing amazing many millions in monthly revenue.

When a Twitch titan throws a fit, the tech world quakes. That’s the case with Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys, the livestreaming diva who recently pointed her finger at Kick.com, a burgeoning live-streaming platform funded by Stake. She branded the platform as “unethical and immoral,” citing its connections with a crypto gambling website. Now, the fallout of her tirade is beginning to take shape, with rumors swirling that Kick.com is contemplating ditching Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Microsoft Azure. If this switch happens, it could leave Amazon with a hefty hole in its pocket.

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Kick.com, a platform that boasts a solid army of one million streamers and saw a whopping 58 million eyeballs in March 2023, currently rides the wave of AWS’s robust infrastructure. AWS provides Kick.com with a range of pricing options like On-Demand, Savings Plans, Spot Instances, and Reserved Instances – all under a ‘pay-as-you-go’ model. This buffet of options offers flexibility, scalability, and discounts, tailored to Kick.com’s varying needs​​.

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Pokimane’s Twitch Tantrum Could Cost Amazon Big Bucks

However, if Kick.com decides to shake off AWS’s cloud in favor of Azure, it might not be as calamitous a journey as one might think. Azure also touts a similar ‘pay-as-you-go’ model and offers a roster of pricing plans akin to AWS. Azure’s lineup includes Pay-As-You-Go, Hybrid Benefit, Reserved VMs, and Spot VMs. An added bonus is Azure’s ability to utilize existing on-premises Software-Assurance enabled Microsoft licenses for significant discounts – a feature that could make Kick.com’s ledger smile.

Figuring out the precise cost of running a behemoth like Kick.com on either AWS or Azure is as complex as untangling a ball of yarn. Multiple variables, including the types of services used, the region, payment plans, capacity needs, etc., come into play. But one thing’s certain – a platform of Kick.com’s magnitude is a golden goose for any cloud provider.

The potential switch from AWS to Azure wouldn’t just dent Amazon’s wallet. It could also serve as a public display of a successful transition from AWS to Azure, potentially nudging other companies to re-evaluate their cloud allegiances.

As for the financial punch this could pack for Amazon, the specifics of Kick.com’s AWS usage are hazy. But considering that AWS netted sales of $59.2 billion in 2022, it’s apparent that losing a client like Kick.com would leave Amazon with a bitter aftertaste.

While the nitty-gritty of the financial implications remains a mystery, one thing is clear – Pokimane‘s outburst could potentially cost Amazon a princely sum. Her discontentment has already triggered a ripple effect in the cloud services market, and the tremors could continue to be felt as the saga unfolds.

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Pokimane’s Twitch Tantrum Could Cost Amazon Big Bucks

The saga of Kick.com, AWS, Azure, and Pokimane serves as a vivid reminder of the sway influencers hold in today’s digital age. But let’s not forget – it’s not just the world of livestreaming that reacts to their whims and fancies. The balance sheets of some of the world’s largest tech behemoths can also be swayed by an influencer’s outburst. So, while Pokimane may continue her reign in the Twitch realm, it’s clear that her influence extends far beyond her gaming throne.

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