5 Best Free Video Recovery Software in 2024


Nowadays, capturing and sharing videos has become an integral part of our lives. However, your precious video files may be lost due to various reasons, such as accidental deletion, formatting errors, or unexpected system crashes. While you can take steps to reduce the risk of data loss, it’s impossible to completely eliminate this possibility.

In this article, we’ll explore 6 free video recovery software tools that you can trust in 2024. To help you make a more informed decision, we’ve not only pointed out their positive aspects but also honestly outlined their drawbacks. Now, let’s get started and see which video recovery software best fits your needs.

5 Best Free Video Recovery Software in 2024

Top 1: Tenorshare 4DDiG

  • Compatibility: Windows & Mac
  • Free limit: 100MB(Windows only)
  • Difficulty: Easy 

If you’re looking for a powerful and free video recovery software, we strongly recommend giving Tenorshare 4DDiG a try. The best part of this tool is that it allows users to recover deleted videos for free and also repair corrupted videos automatically during the recovery process.Additionally, the video recovery software performs exceptionally well in terms of compatibility and success rate. Tenorshare 4DDiG supports recovering lost data from over 2000 types of storage devices, such as USB flash drives, SD cards, internal/external hard drives, and more.

Given below is a guide on how to recover deleted/lost video files using 4DDiG:

Step 1: Firstly, install and launch the 4DDiG Data Recovery tool. On the main interface, choose the local or external disk where you lost video files, then click “Scan” to proceed. Additionally, before scanning, the tool allows you to select the target file types in the upper right corner.

Step 2: To locate the lost data, 4DDiG will automatically perform a deep scan on the selected drive. In the left panel, switch to the file view to quickly find the desired video files.

Step 3: Select the video files you need and preview them. Finally, click the “Recover” button and choose a location for saving.

Easy to use with a clean and open interface.Advanced video recovery capabilities.Impressive success rate.Supports a wide range of video formats, such as MP4, AVI, MOV, etc.Suitable for all data loss scenarios.Preview found items before completing the scan.24/7 support.No portable version.The free version is only available for Windows users.

Top 2: PhotoRec

  • Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux and more
  • Free limit: Unlimited
  • Difficulty: Medium

PhotoRec is one of the best video recovery software tools designed to recover lost videos from hard drives, memory cards, and other storage devices. Even in the case of a damaged or lost file system, PhotoRec is able to effectively recover data by searching for file signatures. This video file recovery software is popular for being free, open-source, and not requiring installation. However, if you are not familiar with the command-line interface, PhotoRec may not be an ideal choice.

5 Best Free Video Recovery Software in 2024
Completely free to use. Open-source. Compatible with every OS. Works with a wide range of storage media. No installation required. A part of the TestDisk suite of tools.Not suitable for beginners. No live support channels. Incompatible with APFS. No more updates in 2019.

Top 3: Piriform Recuva

  • Compatibility: Windows only
  • Free limit: Unlimited
  • Difficulty: Medium

Another highly recommended free video recovery software in 2024 is Recuva. Developed by Piriform Software since 2007, it boasts a 17-year history. You can use it to recover deleted or lost video files for free, and the tool is relatively lightweight. Recuva offers both a free version and a professional version, providing users with more choices. While the free version allows unlimited data recovery, many users have reported a lower success rate. On the other hand, the professional version not only offers additional features such as automatic backup but also boasts a higher success rate.

5 Best Free Video Recovery Software in 2024
Unlimited data recovery. Supports recovery from HDDs, SSDs, USB drives, and memory cards. The pro version offers more features. Simple interface and speedy scanning. The deep scan feature is available. Performs well in recovering common file types like documents, images, and videos.Compatible with Windows only. Doesn’t support Windows 11.Recovery results may not always meet expectations.

Top 4: Disk Drill

  • Compatibility: Windows & Mac
  • Free limit: 500MB(Windows only)
  • Difficulty: Easy

When it comes to the best video recovery software in 2024, you’ve probably heard of Disk Drill. This versatile tool is capable of recovering 363 file formats, including pictures, videos, audio files, documents, archives, and more. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that Disk Drill also supports RAW photo and RAW video recovery. Thanks to it’s easy-to-use interface, even those who are not very familiar with data recovery can easily get started.

5 Best Free Video Recovery Software in 2024
Allows previewing files before recovery. Offers different recovery options – deep scan or quick scan. Raw photo and raw video recovery. S.M.A.R.T. monitoring for checking hard drive health. Recovery from internal and external drives, memory cards, flash drives, iPods, etc. Fully compatible with Windows 11.Limits data recovery to 500 MB. The pro version is overpriced. Poor SSD recovery performance. The scanning speed is a bit slow.

Top 5: DMDE 

  • Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux and more
  • Free limit: Unlimited
  • Difficulty: Hard

DMDE, also known as DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery Software, is a feature-packed tool designed to help users recover lost files from their hard drives due to various issues. While the interface may seem confusing at first, users who take the time to get used to it will find the program less complex than it appears. The free version lets you recover up to 4,000 files at a time, which is sufficient to meet basic needs. In addition to free video recovery, it also provides practical features like partition management and disk imaging. If you’re a tech-savy user, then this video file recovery software can be your go-to choice.

5 Best Free Video Recovery Software in 2024
Satisfactory success rate. Allows for low-level disk editing. You can run it directly from a USB stick without the need for installation. Recover drives and partitions that Windows might not detect. Compatible with various file systems.Complex user interface. Requires a learning curve. Limited customer support.

That’s all about the top video recovery software free.

How to Pick the Best Video Recovery Software?

Selecting reliable video file recovery software is important for successfully recovering lost or deleted videos. Here are some key factors to consider when choosing free video recovery software:

  • Compatibility: The software should be compatible with your operating system (Windows, macOS, or Linux) and the storage media from which you need to recover files.
  • Ease of Use: Choose software with a user-friendly interface that makes the recovery process straightforward, especially if you have limited computer skills.
  • Customer Support: The software provider can offer responsive customer support when you encounter any issues during the recovery process. 
  • Comprehensive Features: Look for software that provides more features, such as previewing recoverable files, selective recovery and the ability to recover from different storage devices.


Q1: Is it safe to use video recovery software?

Yes, the answer is affirmative, but it is important to select a reputable video recovery software provider. In addition, you can run a scan on the downloaded software before installing it to check for any potential threats.

Q2: What is the best free video recovery software in 2024?

Top 8 best free video recovery software in 2024:

  1. 4DDiG Data Recovery – Best overall.
  2. PhotoRec – Best open-source.
  3. Piriform Recuva – Best free recovery limit.
  4. Disk Drill – Best complete recovery.
  5. DMDE – Best for advanced users.
  6. R-Studio – Best for fast results.
  7. Wise data recovery – Best for personal use.
  8. TestDisk – Best for lost partitions.


With these tools, you are able to recover lost/deleted video files with confidence. Each free video recovery software has its own set of pros and cons, so you should choose based on your specific needs. Tenorshare 4DDiG stands out as a top performer with its comprehensive features and a high success rate. With just a few simple clicks, you can easily retrieve digital media files lost for various reasons.

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