Elon Musk cracks down on Twitter trolls and bot armies


Twitter will crack down on trolls and bot armies by prioritising verified and followed accounts, says Elon Musk.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, is known for his innovative ideas and strong opinions on various issues. Recently, he made headlines with his tweet about Twitter’s upcoming changes in prioritizing replies. According to Musk, Twitter will soon give priority to replies from people you follow, verified accounts, and then unverified accounts. This move is aimed at cracking down on Twitter trolls and bot armies.

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The tweet reads: “In the coming weeks, Twitter will prioritize replies by: 1. People you follow 2. Verified accounts 3. Unverified accounts. Verified accounts are 1000X harder to game by bot & troll armies. There is great wisdom to the old saying: ‘You get what you pay for.'”

Elon Musk has been critical of Twitter in the past, and he has had his fair share of run-ins with trolls and bot armies on the platform. He has been vocal about his concerns over the use of social media for spreading misinformation, promoting hate speech, and other harmful activities. In fact, he even left Twitter for a while in 2020, citing concerns over the platform’s lack of moderation and the negative impact it was having on his mental health.

However, Musk returned to Twitter in 2021, and it seems that he is now taking matters into his own hands. By pushing for changes in Twitter’s reply prioritization system, he hopes to make the platform a safer and more enjoyable place for everyone.

The first priority for Twitter’s reply prioritization system will be people you follow. This means that if you follow someone on Twitter, their replies to your tweets will be given priority over replies from others. This makes sense, as people you follow are more likely to have something relevant or interesting to say in response to your tweets.

The second priority will be verified accounts. Verified accounts are those that have been verified by Twitter as belonging to a legitimate user or organization. This includes celebrities, politicians, and other public figures, as well as businesses and organizations. Verified accounts are less likely to be used by trolls and bot armies, as the verification process makes it more difficult to create fake accounts.

Elon Musk blackmailed
Elon Musk cracks down on Twitter trolls and bot armies.

The third and final priority will be unverified accounts. These are accounts that have not been verified by Twitter, and they are more likely to be used by trolls and bot armies to spread misinformation or engage in other harmful activities.

Elon Musk’s tweet also highlights the importance of verified accounts in cracking down on Twitter trolls and bot armies. Verified accounts are 1000 times harder to game by bots and trolls, which means that they are less likely to be used for spreading misinformation or engaging in other harmful activities.

While Elon Musk’s proposed changes to Twitter’s reply prioritization system may seem like a step in the right direction, some critics remain skeptical. One concern is that even verified accounts can be used by trolls and scam artists to deceive people. For example, some Twitter users have reported seeing fake accounts with verified ticks impersonating legitimate businesses or public figures.

Additionally, there have been reports of troll accounts purchasing Twitter Blue subscriptions, which grant access to exclusive features such as the ability to undo tweets, and using the verified tick to lend credibility to their false claims. While it remains to be seen how effective Musk’s changes will be in addressing these issues, it is clear that more needs to be done to ensure the safety and security of Twitter users.

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