How to Use AI as a Study Tool


Artificial intelligence, or AI, is turning heads across the globe. It has become a part of our daily lives, helping us across verticals. From entertainment to investing, AI has the potential to transform lives. 

Students are taking advantage of new technology to learn better. It can help them collect information, grasp concepts, and improve retention. 

An AI that writes essays, or an AI essay writer, is also one of the best AI creations. A good AI-generated program assists in writing papers.

However, you can do more with artificial intelligence. It is also possible to balance study and personal life with intelligent algorithms. 

Below are a few ways you can leverage AI to improve your learning process. 

Read Study Materials Aloud

Not everyone is good at learning from written text. Additionally, many learners struggle with reading. If you’re looking to get into the best Australian universities, you need to manage your workload well.

Artificial intelligence apps can help you read your materials aloud. These applications convert text from documents to speech in a human voice. 

You can read Word files, articles, PDFs, and more aloud. It makes you feel like you are listening to a lecture in class. 

This approach is essential for people with special abilities. Students who have dyslexia can benefit tremendously from text-to-speech tools. 

Additionally, you may change the tone, voice, and accent to match your preferences. These apps also provide access to resources like audiobooks. 

Our brains are better at grasping auditory and visual information. Learning from audio also improves retention and recall. 

Paraphrase Content

Subjects in colleges and universities can be pretty complex. You might scratch your head trying to understand the meaning of a book or paper. 

The challenge is more prominent for scholars and researchers. They have to read long journals and publications for their projects. 

An AI-powered paraphrasing tool can come to your rescue in such situations. It can state the meaning of the content in a shorter and simpler manner. 

You can paraphrase complete research papers and documents. Moreover, some applications allow you to add citations and custom notes. 

It is also possible to paraphrase content from websites. 

Digital books
How to Use AI as a Study Tool

Summarise Content

Apart from paraphrasing, artificial intelligence is excellent for summarising. You can summarise page after page of content to create concise text. 

Most importantly, you can incorporate several courses to develop a summary of key points. There is no need to read every book or article manually. 

As a result, you can save hours that you can dedicate to productive tasks. 

Learn Concepts Better

Hiring a personal tutor is an expensive proposition for most students. Moreover, you may not get someone with the skills or expertise you’re looking for. 

AI-driven applications can bridge the gap and help you learn better. You can use apps to get detailed explanations of a topic or concept.

Best of all, your virtual tutor will explain everything in simple terms. You will have no difficulty understanding complex topics. 

Moreover, you can get engaging materials to improve learning. It is possible to learn from videos, animations, and gamification. 

Most importantly, your virtual mentor is more affordable than a human tutor. You also get 24/7 access to your guide without any restrictions. 

Prepare for Exams

AI is your best companion for scoring top grades in your exams. You can leverage countless active learning methods to boost your memory and retention. 

Additionally, you can turn your notes into active recall questions automatically. It is possible to create questions on any topic. 

Additionally, you can:

  • Create practice questions
  • Create fun quizzes and flashcards
  • Learn through games

Some applications let you create audio questions. It is excellent to prepare for interviews, vivas, and conferences. 

Audio questions are also helpful for preparing for language exams.

Automate Research

Research is an integral part of studying and writing. Students spend hours searching through papers, journals, and articles. 

Moreover, analysing all the facts and finding the salient points is time-consuming. Worst, you may not be able to access all resources freely on the internet. 

Artificial intelligence can help you perform and automate your research. It can scour through endless pages of literature to help you find what you are looking for.

Some tools even allow you to automate research workflows. You may perform a literature review automatically to pull out the required information.

Moreover, you can summarise essential points to save time and effort.  

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How to Use AI as a Study Tool

Boost Productivity

You must manage your time and prioritise your tasks to improve productivity. Earlier, students relied on handmade routines to stay on track and make the most of their time. 

Now, you can use AI-driven apps to develop effective study plans. After factoring in your availability, the tool can create the best routine for you. 

Moreover, you can prioritise your tasks by assigning time blocks. It helps you plan your studies and ensure you complete your tasks. 

Additionally, the applications let you:

  • Make to-do lists
  • Integrate with Google Calendar
  • Set reminders and alarms

You can also get help from AI in determining how much time you will need to complete a task. 

Design Fantastic Presentations

Students across all levels need to make presentations for their classes. You may also need to make slides, pictures, or videos. 

With AI on the market, you don’t need to rely on traditional presentation makers anymore. Far more intuitive tools exist to help you design extraordinary presentations. 

You can choose from convenient templates to start your project. Moreover, you can add elements and edit your presentation until it is perfect. 

It is also possible to include images, videos, graphs, and more. 

Some apps even let you convert your documents into presentations. You can provide the content of your project and create presentations automatically. 

Moreover, you can create educational videos to learn better. 

Beat Stress

Stress is a part of student life, especially in colleges and universities. You have to juggle classes, homework, dissertations, and more. 

Naturally, students experience stress and burnout, resulting in degraded performance. 

Artificial intelligence can help students manage stress and anxiety. There are several apps that focus on mindfulness and relieving tension. 

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How to Use AI as a Study Tool

AI can scan your profile and create the right mindful exercises for you. Finding guided meditation, yoga videos, and breathing exercises is also possible. 

Additionally, you get tips and reminders to stay fit and healthy. Some applications allow you to track your health goals and their progress. 

Most applications are free, while you may need to pay for special classes and live sessions. 

Final Thoughts

Artificial intelligence is a boon for students. It can help you take advantage of effective learning methods and strategies. You can also automate parts of your learning process to save time and effort. Moreover, AI-powered apps let you create quizzes and questions to prepare better for exams. 


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