Is Oppo better than Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy?


The mid-range Oppo Reno Z feels and performs like a premium phone but only costs 1/3 of the price of the big brand phones.

I’m out browsing for a new phone because I’m fed up with the issues that my Google Pixel 3 XL has been faced with, and I was dead set on replacing it with a Samsung Galaxy S10… but then I saw the Oppo Reno Z.

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I fell in love with the Google Pixel when it first came out, it lasted me two whole years before I finally upgraded to the Google Pixel 3 XL. On top of a plethora of issues and faults I got sick of dealing with crappy customer service so I started looking for a new phone.

I’ve never, ever been disappointed with a Samsung phone. The only real issue I have with the Galaxy phones is the bloatware and the abundance of useless features that come with the stock phone. That’s one of the reasons I switched to Google Pixel; it was the spiritual succesor to the Nexus phones.

Like the Nexus, the Google Pixel phones don’t come with any additional bloatware, you just get the basics. And because you are running vanilla Android you get all the OS updates the second they drop. That is the Google Pixel’s biggest selling point… however, Australia don’t get half of the updates so it’s kind of pointless.

With no additional bloatware you’d also expect the phone to run buttery smooth, but it doesn’t; there’s definitely noticeable lag and the phone does hick-up, and even freeze, from time to time. It also doesn’t help the the new Pixel phones just look awful… so good riddance.

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Is Oppo better than Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy?

I was happy to be back with Samsung, although I was sorely missing Google Assistant. The Bixby virtual assistant just can’t hold a candle to the Google Assistant, but hey, I still have some Google Nest speakers, so she hasn’t truly left my side.

After I picked up my AUD$1000 Galaxy phone I saw that the Oppo Reno Z 4G phone was only about AUD$350, so I picked one up for fun of it.

The specs are almost identical. The only real bummer was that the Oppo did not have wireless charging which is super convenient if your car has a wireless charging port. Apart from that, the Galaxy S10 was only a slightly better, but still 3 times more expensive.

I took it home and have been playing with both phones for about a week now and, I must say, I am blown away by the Oppo Reno Z. All in all, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is a better phone, as is proven on paper. The UI is also a little more realised than say the Oppo’s, but does that justify paying almost triple for the Samsung? No.

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Having both phones run side by side I still could not notice the difference. They performed equally across most all tasks, and I’m a pretty app-heavy user. I even struggled to think how people would benefit from buying the Google Pixel 3 XL or the Samsung Galaxy S10 over the Oppo Reno Z, and, apart from wireless charging, I couldn’t think of anything else.

It costs me $150 dollars to send my phone in for repairs if something happens when I could just buy a brand new phone for twice that much with Oppo. So, why buy Samsung or Pixel over the Oppo.

Pixel & Samsung is nothing but prestige

You buy Pixel and Samsung for the brand name, and if you disagree then you are just in denial. Nobody is going to get excited to see you pull out an Oppo, but when you are an early adopter of a new Samsung, Pixel, or even an Apple phone, people will take notice.

Samsung Galaxy s10 compared to Oppo Reno Z

Is Oppo better than Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy?

The flagship Pixel and Samsung phones are nothing more than fashion pieces; something to bolster your prestige and give your more “street cred”. If you want to convey the image of success you buy big brand flagships. If you want a phone that can play ball in the big league but doesn’t necessarily have star power, you buy Oppo.

Do you have an Oppo phone, and if so, are you happy with it? Let us know in the comments below.

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