Why I got rid of my Pixel 3 XL and am abandoning Google for Samsung


Zero-day adopter has finally had enough of the Pixel 3 XL after many faults and shoddy service, exchanges it for a Samsung S10+.

After one year of using the Pixel 3 XL I think it is finally time to say good riddance. The phone which I was once so excited to call my own has brought me nothing but disappointment.

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The choice for me to go Pixel was an easy one at first. I was a huge fan of the Nexus phones, and the Google branded android phones were, in a sense, their spiritual successors.

At first I got the original Pixel phone and I was very happy with it. It had an amazing camera, great build quality and awesome features. I was so happy with it that I felt no need to upgrade to the Pixel 2. But then, after dropping my phone a bunch of times, I had to replace it… and by that time the Pixel 3 was out.

Lack of features in Australia

The Pixel 3 boasted a lot of good tech with some smart features. For one, Google assistant was supposed to be able to answer your calls for you and then transfer the call if it was important enough. This heavily advertised feature, even one year after launch, is still not available in Australia. But that was the least of my worries.

No headphone jack

The phone had no headphone jack, just one simple USB type C port which you would use to charge your phone plug in your headphones. You cannot charge your phone while using headphones unless you fork out extra dosh on an adaptor, or buy a pricey wireless charging station. Even still, that does not help a lot since the battery life is atrocious in the Pixel 3 XL.

Terrible battery life

If, like me, you use your phone a lot for work and have a bunch of apps that you need then you can expect your battery to completely drain within 8 to 9 hours. Fortunately you can get a full charge on your phone really quickly, but having to charge your phone two to three times a day is such a hassle.

Blue tint display

blue tint Google Pixel 3 XL

The display also has a really odd blue hue to it which can throw you off. I didn’t really notice it until someone pointed it out and after comparing it to other devices, but it is definitely there.

Faulty front facing camera

The biggest reason I wanted to abandon Google was just how broken the Pixel 3 XL is, and how terrible the customer service is here in Australia. Aside from the weird freezes, hang ups, and the display sometimes failing to start up, the worst thing about the Google Pixel 3 XL is the completely broken and useless front facing camera. When you launch it in an app the image will distort and you will here very loud and annoying static noise come from the speakers. It did this since day one and when I took the phone to Optus to have it repaired, Google refused to replace or fix my phone, so I have been stuck with a lemon phone for an entire year.

Bad customer service

The Optus sales person said that the camera issue is very common with the Google Pixel 3 XL and that a large percentage get returned and Google refused to fix or replace 90% of them, despite the Pixel being sold with a faulty front facing camera.. Only the customers that really put up a fuss got new devices.

So, it’s time to renew my contract and once and for all get rid off my Google Pixel 3. It may just be me, but this phone is one of the worst that I’ve ever had. It has put my off the Google brand for awhile so I will not be upgrading to the Google Pixel 4 and instead getting the Samsung S10+ which has been getting stellar reviews across the board.

Has your Pixel phone been having similar interests? Let us know in the comments below.

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