MT: The Rise of 5G Technology: Impact and Implications on the casino game industry


MD: The casino industry is expecting a real shakeup with the advent of 5G. The fluidity and speed of mobile gameplay have increased. Try Fair Go Casino mobile app.

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5G is a real technological bundle that promises speed and reliability, essential criteria in gaming. By 2025, it will have up to 1.7 billion users with an increasing estimate. With 100 times the speed, 5G is already revolutionizing the experience of casino roulette players. So compared to the current level, what are the real impacts of this network in the world of casino games?

The future of mobile casinos with 5G

Every new wave of technology can bring with it a host of health and safety issues, and the controversy surrounding 5G is no different. While some people are not yet ready to embrace this new technology for a variety of reasons, 5G has some definite benefits for Fair Go Casino mobile app players. We looked at some of the concerns and some of the benefits and probed the wealth of possibilities that 5G offers for the future of mobile gaming. Today you can download Fair Go casino app for gambling in Australia for a few seconds!

An upheaval in the casino industry

The casino industry is expecting a real shakeup with the advent of 5G. The fluidity and speed of mobile gameplay have motivated players to embrace this network. In fact, figures show that more than 2.2 billion gamers are playing on their smartphones. The games with dealers are the first to benefit from the advantages of this technological advance. Indeed, the high-speed connection and fluidity will allow a more realistic live with more stability.

5G also promises to propel cloud gaming, which will free gamers from the process of installing files on their computer. Now, they can enjoy savings in internal storage space while accessing their data on remote servers. The main advantage of this development is that it expands the game’s possibilities. Players can connect to the device of their choice to play, no matter where they are.

Finally, the big improvements are also the growing rise of crypto-gaming which requires advanced technology. The 5G is the ideal solution by freeing up all the procedures like fees, lengthy transactions, etc. Sports bettors will no longer miss out on any opportunities with better broadcasting, and live updates just by using Fair Go Casino app download.

What does 5G mean for the casino industry?

MT: The Rise of 5G Technology: Impact and Implications on the casino game industry.

You can immediately see the effect this will have even, for example, on Fair Go Casino games. 5G will eliminate any lag in mobile gaming, and live casino offerings will improve tremendously. If you’re playing live blackjack, for example, the few seconds of delay between when you request a card and when you receive it will disappear, and your experience will be much smoother and more rewarding.

With improved speed and efficiency, new technologies in remote surgery and self-driving cars will become possible. It will also improve virtual reality technology. In the hands of an excellent casino game provider, the potential for 5G to help advance the immersive casino experience is enormous. Imagine how a talented game designer could create casino games in a virtual setting. There is also immense potential in the area of augmented reality. Remember the Pokémon craze that took over the world for a while? Augmented reality combined with jackpots could only be something amazing.

With 5G, Fairgo Casino games or other platforms can change completely. Multi-level hit slot games can become even more feature and effect-rich, and table games can mimic the real world more convincingly. The bottom line is that if you have higher speeds, you can incorporate more content, which means that the graphics, sounds, and mechanics could be much richer.

The network in numbers

5G appears in 2019 and aims to cover up to 15% of global connections by 2025. The network mainly targets 50% of the market in the US and 30% in China and Europe. In total, more than 1.4 billion subscribers will switch to the 5th generation and enjoy all its benefits. The network offers up to 100 times more speed than its predecessor, 4G.

top view of globe and 5g lettering on yellow background
MT: The Rise of 5G Technology: Impact and Implications on the casino game industry

This difference already justifies the interest of gamers and especially the video game industry. Indeed, the current network offers an operation at 6 GHz against 300 GHz with the 5th generation. Specifically, the speed reaches up to 20GB per second, against only 1GB in 4G, to the delight of gamers. Moreover, satisfaction is up to users’ expectations. More than 91% of them confirmed the stability and quality of communication. The transfer rate is very high, with more than 10Gbps and a latency reduction of 1 or 2 milliseconds.

A very promising generation

In addition to speed and high throughput, power is also the basic argument for 5G deployment. Downloading large files such as video content, for example, will go from several minutes to a few seconds. Access to Cloud files is also smoother with less or no latency. As a result, the Cloud market will benefit from the exponential increase in storage demands. Online services will also be able to develop further. At the same time, the advent of 5G will make internal storage disappear, especially without synchronization. Such a fast and reliable connection will naturally encourage secure data storage in the cloud.

A great technological advance in gaming

5G is certainly one of the biggest technological revolutions that the 2 billion gamers are waiting for. First, the mobile gaming cloud will offer a better experience by bringing the same speed as fiber optics. The hosting of 4k and 8k games is also easily done on the Cloud, via the classic PC – Console and then the server path. The giants have begun to enter this market with cloud-based platforms like Google’s Stadia and Microsoft’s XCloud.

The immersive experiences of AR and VR will justify the explosion of the market for these applications. In addition, the noticeable reduction in latency reinforces the success of 5G, with the lower price of glasses helping. Haptic feedback is significantly improved with this network, coupled with virtual reality performance. The quality of feedback, vibrations, and sensations is felt to a higher degree.

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