Twitter is banning people for this word and context doesn’t matter


Hundreds of people are reporting that Twitter banning them for writing ‘RETARD’ or ‘RETARDED’ regardless of the context in which the word is used.

Twitter are banning memes and censoring words while handing out harsh punishments for people that breaks these rules. Now using the word ‘RETARD’ or ‘RETARDED’ will get you instantly banned from the platform.

NEWS: Twitter is cracking down on the ‘OK boomer’ meme.

Last year Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that they don’t wont to regulate conversations or censor words on their platform and that they only do it in cases of targeted harassment.

“Context matters,” Jack Dorsey told Joe Rogan suggesting that moderators look at conversations before ultimately deciding whether to take action. However, people are claiming they are getting permanent bans for just tweeting the word.

Dorsey alleges that the reason why they censor is to keep people safe and make sure that people don’t get driven away from their platform. However, Twitter seems to be trigger happy lately and have been permanently banning a lot of people ultimately driving them away from the social network.

Just last week Twitter started cracking down on the ‘OK boomer’ meme as it now considered targeted harassment of the elderly.

Investigative journalist Tim Pool and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Joe Rogan

Twitter is banning people for RETARD and RETARDED and context doesn’t matter.

Tim Pool has been critical of the platform before. In the same interview with Joe Rogan, Tim Pool accused Twitter of trying to prop up the American left while actively silencing the right. He also pointed that censoring speech and permanently banning people with extreme ideologies shuts down the conversation entirely and forces the people underground where their ideas can fester and grow.

“We agree that permanent bans are not a good solution,” Dorsey admitted, but permanent bans don’t seem to be slowing down.

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