5 bugs (and other things) that need to be fixed in Call of Duty: Vanguard


Call of Duty: Vanguard has a bunch of bugs, and although they aren’t game breaking, they can really ruin the experience.

We’re not really surprised that Call of Duty: Vanguard launched with the some bugs. The open beta clearly demonstrated that the game needed more development time. Sledgehammer Games need to fix these 10 bugs before the first season launches.


Don’t get us wrong, we here at POPTOPIC are really enjoying our time with Call of Duty: Vanguard. Considering that it was rumoured that this game was so broken that it was nearly abandoned by Activision, we were honestly expecting the game to be a big mess; but it isn’t.

However, there are a few bugs in Vanguard here and there and — as we mentioned earlier — though they are not game-breaking, they are are definitely frustrating. Sledgehammer Games most likely can, and should, fix these bugs before the first season launches.

Lobby Menus

Not all menu options work as they should. Call of Duty: Vanguard has many great maps and one of those is “Das Haus”. You have the ability to lunch straight into that mode from the lobby menu but it doesn’t always work. Sometimes it loads you into a completely different map.

Vanguard Das Haus

This is clearly because it isn’t a 24/7 map. It just loads you into a “Das Haus” map first and then randomises your next game. Sadly it is common to be connected into an ending game so when you finally load in you’re not even in a “Das Haus” game. Easy fix. Just make it 24/7.

Perk Failure Rate

Perks, especially protective ones, appear to have a failure rate. Either that or they are just buggy. For instance the Dauntless and Survivalist perk won’t always trigger when you get stunned or gassed. What’s even more annoying is that when it works, at times, it wont even register that the perk removed the affects.

These perks are sometimes necessary to complete challenges to unlock weapon skins, and some weapon challenges are super buggy.

Deadeye Challenge

The “Deadeye Challenge” requires the player to stun or blind an enemy before killing them. This challenge is essential to get the “Completionist Challenge” to unlock gold and diamond cammos. Buuuut, someone at Sledgehammer Games messed up pretty badly here.

Although the description for the Deadeye Challenge reads “kill a stunned or blinded enemy,” the player the is one that needs to be stunned. Getting kills in smoke or in gas doesn’t count. You need to be stunned and moving at the pace of a snail. Without the Dauntless perk this challenge would pretty much be impossible. It doesn’t help that the perk you need is also bugged.

Play of the Game (POG)

The Play of the Game feed, commonly referred to a POG, makes no sense. Although it appears to highlight best play as apposed to final kill it will still sometimes show a single kill.

Polina Petrova

If the POG shows a multi-kill it it will still end abruptly, sometimes even half way through a kill. I mean, it’s not game-breaking, but it is definitely annoying. Black Ops Cold War, by far, has the best POG feature, they should just use that.

Player/Weapon Models

The least annoying bug, but still one nonetheless, is the disappearing player and weapon models. This really only affects menus, intros and outros. When you load into a game sometimes you won’t have a head. Sometimes you will be holding an invisible weapon. It doesn’t really affect the game as much as the other bugs, but it still worthy of a mention.

Honourable Mention: Bayonet attachment

Just delete it. It’s overpowered and makes melee weapons such as the knife completely redundant. Get rid of it. Delete it. Remove it. Nuke it. Nobody wants it. Thanks!

Apart from that Call of Duty; Vanguard is a solid game. I mean, they could get rid of the mounting feature and try to encourage more people to play Champion Hill but that’s about it. But please, Sledgehammer Games, fix these bugs before the next season!

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