Dark Souls Anime Adaptation: Will Netflix Ruin It?


Fans are rightfully concerned that Netflix will ruin the anime adaptation of the critically acclaimed game franchise Dark Souls.

Netflix is reportedly working on an anime adaptation of the Dark Souls franchise, a move that has sparked concern among fans. The fear is that Netflix, with its track record of politicizing adaptations for a western audience, will not remain true to the rich lore of the franchise.

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Netflix’s history of adaptations has been hit and miss. The classic He-Man reboot, for instance, was slammed by fans for turning He-Man into a “whiny little wimp“. Showrunner Kevin Smith faced backlash for killing off He-Man in the first episode and sidelining the character, leading to accusations of a ‘bait and switch’.

Another example is the live-action remake of Cowboy Bebop, which was cancelled after just one season due to abysmal ratings. Despite the show’s failure, a petition to revive it surprisingly garnered more signatures than all the ratings and reviews from all aggregated review sites combined.

Dark Souls anime sucks
Dark Souls Anime Adaptation: Will Netflix Ruin It?

Netflix’s adaptation of Death Note also faced criticism for its excessive love drama, which disoriented the original theme of the Japanese anime. The character development was quick and inaccurate, making the anti-hero plot senseless and cheap.

These instances have led fans to worry about the Dark Souls anime. The franchise is known for its deep imagery, visual presentation, and tangential storytelling. Fans fear that Netflix might not be able to capture the grandeur of the game or create a story that fits within the world of Dark Souls.

Adding fuel to the fire, Henry Cavill reportedly stepped down from his role of Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s The Witcher due to creative differences with the show’s writers and producers. Cavill, a fan of the original Witcher books, wished to bring more book elements to the TV adaptation. His departure has raised questions about Netflix’s commitment to staying true to source material.

Dark Souls Anime Adaptation: Will Netflix Ruin It?

The Dark Souls franchise has a dedicated fan base that values the game’s rich lore and storytelling. The concern is that Netflix, in an attempt to make the anime more appealing to a broader audience, might dilute these elements. Fans are calling for Netflix to respect the source material and create an adaptation that captures the essence of the Dark Souls universe.

Netflix has yet to comment on these concerns. As the production of the Dark Souls anime progresses, fans will undoubtedly be watching closely, hoping that their beloved franchise is treated with the respect it deserves.

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