Cowboy Bebop petition receives more signatures than show got views


Is the Cowboy Bebop petition being botted? Petition receives 10’s of thousands of signatures by “anime hating” people in hours.

There’s something strange going on with the Cowboy Bebop petition. Despite receiving abysmal ratings and being cancelled after just one season, the petition to revive it is one of the fastest growing ones of all time; receiving over a thousand signature per minute.


Who would have thought that a petition to revive a failed live action remake of a classic anime would gather 50 thousand signatures in less than a week? The “Save the live action cowboy bebop” petition has reached 50K signatures officially making it more popular than the actual Netflix show.

The Netflix Cowboy Bebop live-action remake absolutely bombed. The reviews and ratings were so low that Netflix announced they cancelled the second season within weeks of its premiere. The first season has a score of 4.7 on Metacritic and a 45% on Rotten Tomatoes on the Tomatemeter meaning that both reviewers and viewers hated it.

Something that some people find peculiar about this petition is that it has garnered more signatures than all of the ratings and reviews from all of the aggregated review sites, including user reviews, combined. What more is that most of these reviews are largely negative.

Cowboy Bebop cancelled
Netflix Cowboy Bebop cancelled after season 1.

Those who have actually commented on the petition refer to those who did not enjoy Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop as “weebs” and “virgin incels,” and some have even admitted to disliking the original anime.

“Everyone sucks and haters ruined the show because it wasn’t a copy of the anime,” Eric Alvarez from Harlingen, Texas, commented.

Lauren Fennewald from Hazelwood, MO, United States wrote: “The show has its own charms and should not be cancelled just because a bunch of people who love the anime decided that no matter how good or how well the show tried to do they were going to hate it anyway. I think the show should be given a second chance since it only had one season to show that it can encapsulate what makes cowboy bebop such an enjoyable ride and I don’t think one season would have been able to do so.”

Another wrote: “Lets face it. The reason why this show was cancelled was because of neckbeard white nerds who are butthurt that someone decided to make their show mainstream. Grow up you virgin incels.”

Non-binary amateur actor Eden Perkins (sex: female) plays Radical Ed (sex: male) and looks like bad cosplay.
Non-binary amateur actor Eden Perkins (sex: female) plays Radical Ed (sex: male) and looks like bad cosplay.

Other commenters echoed this sentiment: “I want to see the second season of cowboy bebop and shows should not be gate kept by toxic fans who shower things with bad reviews.”

Now that the show is officially cancelled, Cowboy Bebop ended with one of the most cringiest scenes in television history. The producers wanted to end the show with a cliff hanger where Spike, played by John Cho, finally meets Radical Ed (Eden Perkins).

How old is Eden Perkins?

What some people might find shocking is that gender non-confirming non-binary newcomer actor who plays Radical Ed in the live-action remake of Netflix’ Cowboy Bebop is only 13-years-old. They honestly had massive shoes to fill, especially considering this is their first production ever.

Radical Ed, full name Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV, is played by gender non-confirming non-binary amateur actor Eden Perkins. Cowboy Bebop is their first credited acting performance and must people were not impressed with their portrayal of the character.

[mv_video doNotAutoplayNorOptimizePlacement=”false” doNotOptimizePlacement=”false” jsonLd=”true” key=”nvvc6dlldrbql3lswbav” ratio=”16:9″ thumbnail=”” title=”Cowboy Bebop (2021) official final scene” volume=”70″]

Radical Ed is whacky and whimsical character that even the most seasoned actor would find it extremely difficult to play, so handing the role to a newcomer was definitely not the best option. Sadly, according to fans, it is so bad that it could potentially end their career. The comments below sum up most people’s sentiments:

Funny Cowboy Bebop comments
“It’s official, Netflix’ Cowboy Bebop canonically ends with Spike dying of cringe,” Mad Max commented on YouTube.

Cowboy Bebop more popular than Alita?!

Generally American live-action adaptations of anime and manga graphic novels don’t fair well with Alita: Battle Angel being the exception. Alita has one of the largest and most dedicated group of fans who actively campaign to get Disney to bring the sequel to the big screen.

In February 2021 created a fundraising campaign to commission a pilot fly a gigantic banner over the top of the Oscar Academy Awards and Disney Studios, and that campaign was successfully funded by fans in under 24 hours. Additionally, the Alita Army exceeded their campaign goal and used the extra money to tip the pilot and then donated USD$5000 directly to the Open Bionics charity which helps provide amputees with function bionic limbs.

The Alita sequel petition now has just under 175K signatures and has been active for nearly two years, but the Cowboy Bebop campaign is on track to overtake it in a couple of days if it continues to garner as many signatures as it has been receiving recently.

Could the producers by using third party sites to buy signatures for their campaign or are do people who don’t seem that interested in anime really care that much about this failed show being cancelled?

Netflix have not yet made a comment regarding the petition.

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