Exploring the Surprising Perks of Being a Digital Trailblazer


It’s no secret that over the past few years, social media has become part and parcel of everyday life. As these online channels have proliferated, so has the influencer industry, which has been booming in recent times. Interestingly, the adjective “booming” might be an understatement, considering that relevant stakeholders estimate the industry to be worth a whopping $15 billion and counting!

With such market value, it is understandable why millions across the globe are genuinely interested in joining the bandwagon. Of course, there are perks to being an influencer, but what exactly would someone be getting themselves into? Stick around to find out.

Unleashing the Benefits of Social Media Influencing

Before the advent of social media, we defined influencers (or digital trailblazer) as individuals with a significant following, command over one or several distinct niches, and the power to exert influence over the purchasing decisions of others.

And if we’re being honest, the emergence of multiple social media platforms has not changed this definition. Social media influencers are individuals who hold a similar sway over their online following on account of their reputation and expertise based on what content they post.

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Exploring the Surprising Perks of Being a Digital Trailblazer

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, an agency that acts as a matchmaker between brands and influencers, there are an estimated 4.89 billion social media users in 2023. Don’t you agree that this number is significant enough for everyone interested in this influencing gig to get a slice of the pie? Let’s go over the perks you’ll enjoy once you take this route, then! 

Job Satisfaction  

In truth, influencers are always passionate about what they do. Think about it – if they weren’t, would they have amassed as massive a following?

The audience has a way of seeing right through frauds and would have called out imposters long before they grew big enough to command influence. The backlash, as you can imagine, would be of such a magnitude that they wouldn’t survive it. 

As an influencer, you get to work in a niche you care about, and for most people, this is usually the reason that got them started in the first place. Sure, there may be some minor aspects you may not love about the job, but you wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world.

Limitless Earning Potential

In addition to job satisfaction, an irrefutable perk of being an influencer is the ability to monetize your influence for almost infinite earnings. There are multiple ways to skin this cat, but of course, you have to be smart about it. Nevertheless, you’ll be good to go with a business-minded approach. 

The options available include affiliate marketing, display advertising, sponsored posts, selling digital products such as e-books, and co-creating products with existing brands. You name it! And since working online will be your forte, you can even rent out your excess internet bandwidth for profit. As we said, earnings could be infinite!

As you may know, influencers with a huge following are already on the radar of some of the world’s most popular brands. Regardless of your niche, several market leaders would want to engage you for product promotion. 

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Exploring the Surprising Perks of Being a Digital Trailblazer

To bring you on board, some of these companies will send you free products with the hope that you’ll like them and, in turn, promote them on your channels. The engagement may also entail payment for products that eventually feature on your page, but be careful – only promote what you genuinely support and believe in. Anything less, and your audience will be baying for blood. It will be in your best interest to remain conscious of the fact that your eagle-eyed following will spot any mind games and punish you for it. 

Invitations to Exclusive Events

Remember how we said those with a considerable following are already on the radar of popular brands? To reach as broad an audience as possible, these companies invite notable influencers to exclusive events such as product launches and exhibitions. Imagine how cool it would be to receive such an invitation!

And if you play your networking cards well, the social capital you gain from such exposure could be what you need to land your next client. Pretty soon, you’ll be rubbing shoulders with the who’s who in your niche, and we don’t need to tell you the pedestal such an eventuality puts you on, do we?

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been wondering whether or not being an influencer or a digital trailblazer is worth it, we believe the information shared here has shed some perspective. To be successful in this venture, though, you have to commit to your niche and explore products and services that you are passionate about. In the face of the inevitable challenges you’ll face as you grow, passion and belief in what you’re doing will be the forces pushing you forward, urging you to give it your best.

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