How to choose a 10th anniversary gift for your partner


It’s never easy to shop for an anniversary gift, when you have to find the perfect gift for your partner – something that’s just as unique as they are. 

And it’s even more difficult to shop for a 10th anniversary gift! To celebrate a decade of marriage with your partner, you really need to bring out the big guns with a really special present. 

Luckily, did you know that there is a range of traditional gifts that are typically meant for the 10th anniversary? In this article, we’ve got you covered ! 

A customized diamond necklace 

Did you know that diamonds are the precious stones to mark the 10th anniversary? So what better gift for your partner than a diamond necklace. While your partner is sure to love any diamond necklace, how about instead designing a personalized piece to match the engagement ring that sealed your relationship? 

Gift necklace
How to choose a 10th anniversary gift for your partner

A custom necklace has the additional benefit of showing that you actually spent some time and thought designing something they truly love. Apart from signifying the 10th anniversary with the diamond as a milestone stone, a necklace has another special meaning: like your partner, it always stays close to your heart. 

Practical Gifts of Tin or Aluminum

You’ve probably heard the 10th anniversary referred to as the “tin” or “aluminum” anniversary – with gifts from these metals as a typical gift. 

Traditionally, this meant that after a decade of marriage, your marriage was as strong and resilient as these metals! No, we’re not recommending you give your partner a tin can or aluminum wire for the anniversary – but here’s your chance to get creative! Consider a symbolic gift, perhaps garden tools of tin, symbolizing the hobby you’ll take on together in golden years of your retirement. 

Or go for something more practical – perhaps a cocktail set of aluminum tumblers, a shaker, bar tools, and coasters that you can use when you have friends over, or simply to unwind together after a long day of work. The benefit of these practical tools for the garden, cocktails, and more is that it will give you and your partner a fun activity to partake in while spending quality time together. 

Fresh Daffodils to Celebrate a New Decade Together 

Of course, the 10th anniversary also has a traditional flower: daffodils. Flowers have long been a symbolic way of showing special meanings – even as far back as in Ancient Greece, Rome, and China! 

Yellow daffodils
How to choose a 10th anniversary gift for your partner

So a simple and beautiful way to show love on your tenth anniversary is to gift your partner a beautiful bouquet of daffodils ! Daffodils also have a very special meaning. They’re amongst the first flowers that flourish in the springtime, indicating that the winter is over, and are thus widely considered a representation of happy days ahead, rebirth, and new beginning. What more symbolic way to signify a new decade of marriage ahead, and the promise of more sunny days in your future as a married couple? 

Something Blue

Along with having a special precious stone, a metal, and a flower, the milestone 10th anniversary is also traditionally associated with a color: blue. The opportunities for buying something blue are endless – but here’s a cute idea to celebrate your couplehood: coordinated outfits ! 

Now, we’re not suggesting you go all Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum – after all you want to look like a couple, not twins ! But how about a subtle way to show you’re linked, such as buying something in the same shade of blue –  like a dress for her and a tie for him? Not only is it a symbolic gift, it gives you both a new outfit to wear on the date to celebrate your one decade anniversary together !

An unforgettable experience 

Lastly, one of the best ways to celebrate your 10th anniversary together is with an unforgettable experience. After all, while flowers may fade, memories (like diamonds, and your marriage) are forever ! So perhaps take a vacation together, book a photoshoot to capture the two of you on this special day, or celebrate this milestone by renewing your vows, which will make you feel like newlyweds again even after a decade of marriage. 

Whatever gift you choose, remember to take this day to shower your partner with love and remind them how much you mean to them. And Happy Anniversary!

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