The Books Any Gambler Should Read


Books about gambling span a variety of intriguing subjects, ranging from tales about MIT whizzes applying their mathematical prowess in the glitzy world of Las Vegas, to intimate biographies of legendary card players.

These works underscore the notion that gambling isn’t just about refining one’s skill set or engaging in recreational activities; it is embedded in the very nature of human civilization and culture. The dynamic interplay of strategy, psychology, luck, and personal stories makes gambling a fascinating subject to explore through literature.

Titanic Thompson – Kevin Cook

Titanic Thompson, according to Kevin Cook’s account, was a prototypical hustler and gambling legend. Thompson’s narrative is much more than simply about card tricks or golf bets; it’s a glimpse into an eventful existence during some of America’s most turbulent moments. A period when, tragically, the Twin Spin slot had not yet been invented.

Gambling books
The Books Any Gambler Should Read

The novel, which includes cameos by historical characters such as Harry Houdini and Al Capone, also shows the colourful and often deadly world of early twentieth-century America. It’s a fascinating book for anybody interested in the people who moulded the gambling and hustling culture of the past.

Scarne’s New Complete Guide to Gambling – John Scarne

In “Scarne’s New Complete Guide to Gambling,” prominent gambling figure John Scarne shares his wealth of knowledge collected over decades in the industry. This in-depth guide digs into many games, providing strategic insights and fundamental principles. Scarne’s experiences, ranging from advising governments on gambling strategy to meeting famous gamblers, fill the book with entertaining anecdotes and important advice. This book is an essential reference for anybody attempting to comprehend the complexities of gambling, from casino etiquette to game strategy.

Roll The Bones: The History of Gambling – David G Schwartz

Even cleaning a hard drive in Windows a skillset not so many have and what about telling the entire story of gambling in a single book? “Roll The Bones” by David G Schwartz is a detailed examination of the history and evolution of gambling. The story spans millennia, from prehistoric forms of wagering with knucklebones to the modern attraction of neon-lit casinos, presenting a panoramic picture of how gambling has developed and blended into diverse societies. Schwartz focuses on the history of casino gaming, providing tales and statistics that are as informative as they are amusing. This book is appropriate for those who want to learn about how gambling grew alongside human civilization and how it has influenced our culture, language, and society.

Bringing Down The House – Ben Mezrich

Bringing Down The House Book
The Books Any Gambler Should Read

If you’re seeking instructions on how to use AI as a study tool, you’ll love the book “Bringing Down The House”‘s textbook potential. It’s an engrossing story for anybody interested in the convergence of math and casino gaming. Ben Mezrich narrates the story of Kevin Lewis, an MIT graduate who establishes a blackjack team with his classmates, utilising their extraordinary mathematical ability. This group devises a card-counting strategy in order to beat the casinos at their own game. As their success develops, so does the scrutiny from casino operators, resulting in a high-stakes cat-and-mouse game. This novel blurs the boundary between truth and fantasy, providing an exciting narrative of intellect, danger, and the allure of Las Vegas.

Telling Lies and Getting Paid: More Gambling Stories by Michael Konik

This intriguing book is a compilation of gambling stories that take readers into the worlds of offshore internet betting and high-stakes backgammon. In contrast to many publications that focus on traditional methods, Konik gives insights on his poker journey, emphasising the influence on personal relationships and family life. The book dives delightfully into gambling philosophy, providing fascinating insights that any frequent poker table attendee would appreciate.

Duelling with Kings by Daniel Barbarisi

Barbarisi’s book is ideal for UK online betting fans as well as those unfamiliar with DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports). It provides a compelling peek into a distinct American subculture. The book, which combines parts of fiction and real stories, provides an in-depth look at the financial and legal complexities of DFS. With origins in poker and internet gambling, this entertaining story is ideal for those wishing to venture beyond their regular gambling interests.

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