The Nicest and The Rudest Celebrities Exposed


Despite their fame and busy lives, celebrities, like all people, have a mix of good and bad days. The anonymity of a Twitter thread has encouraged people to share their firsthand experiences with celebrities, revealing them as they truly are, when the spotlight is off.

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Have you ever wondered whether your favorite celebrity is as nice as they appear on the big screen? It’s a question that often plagues us, fans. The glittering personalities we adore, the larger-than-life personas we admire, are they genuine or just part of a well-crafted public image? What are these celebrities like when the director yells “cut”, the cameras stop rolling, and the red carpet has been rolled back?

The truth is, celebrities, just like us, have multiple facets to their personalities. We often see them donning their best smiles at award functions, their composure unshakeable in the face of the blinding camera flashes. However, they are not always at their best, especially when they are hounded by paparazzi during their private moments. Yet, the moments that truly reflect their character are often those spent around fans, away from the scripted dialogues and choreographed movements. In these candid exchanges, they are stripped of their characters, offering glimpses of their true selves. It is here that we witness the real magic – kindness, humility, and sometimes, unfortunately, a lack of it. This is the real and raw side of the stars that they don’t always get to showcase on the big screen.

Dolly Parton (Nice):

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – MARCH 07: Dolly Parton attends the 57th Academy of Country Music Awards on March 07, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Known worldwide as the Queen of Country, Dolly Parton is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and actress. In the pantheon of beloved celebrities, her name consistently shines bright. A personal story shared describes a cater waiter’s interaction with Dolly, where she offered him her gift basket, demonstrating her humility and kindness, traits often attributed to her by fans and acquaintances alike.

Barbara Streisand (Rude):

Behind the Glittering Veil: The Nicest and The Rudest Celebrities Exposed

A powerhouse in the music and film industry, Barbara Streisand has captivated audiences with her voice and acting prowess for decades. However, one encounter portrays her as less considerate when, at a fundraising event, she reportedly smashed a door into an unsuspecting waiter’s head, showing no remorse or concern.

Rose McGowan (Nice):

Behind the Glittering Veil: The Nicest and The Rudest Celebrities Exposed

Rose McGowan, a passionate actress and activist, left a lasting positive impression on a vintage shop owner, displaying genuine warmth during her two-day visit.

James Hetfield (Rude):

Behind the Glittering Veil: The Nicest and The Rudest Celebrities Exposed

Metallica frontman James Hetfield, renowned for his intense performances, demonstrated a somewhat less admirable off-stage behavior, withholding his beers from others at an after-party and continuously passing gas.

Robin Williams (Nice):

Robin Williams
We miss you 🙁

The late Robin Williams, revered for his infectious humor and larger-than-life characters, showed compassion by engaging in an unexpected chat about parenting with a pregnant extra on set.

Tony Shalhoub (Rude):

Behind the Glittering Veil: The Nicest and The Rudest Celebrities Exposed

Tony Shalhoub, known for his meticulous role as Monk, seemed to be less amiable, ordering a couple in Central Park to stay away, despite their interest lying in bird-watching, not him.

Kevin Bacon (Nice):

Kevin Bacon
Everybody loves bacon!

Kevin Bacon, known for his charismatic performances, treated an inexperienced journalist with utmost respect, dedicating time and thoughtful responses to her questions.

Natalie Maines (Rude):

Dixie Chicks
Behind the Glittering Veil: The Nicest and The Rudest Celebrities Exposed

Natalie Maines, the lead vocalist for the Dixie Chicks, seemingly dismissed the same journalist with contempt.

Anthony Stewart Head (Nice):

A king and a watcher!

This British actor, fondly remembered as Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, showed immense kindness to a fan working on the same show, even sending a box set of signed ‘Buffy’ DVDs.

John Williams (Nice):

John Williams
HOLLYWOOD, CA – JUNE 09: Composer John Williams attends the 44th AFI Life Achievement Awards gala tribute at Dolby Theatre on June 9, 2016 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

John Williams, the genius composer behind many iconic film scores, treated a fan with kindness and gratitude after a concert.

Emilio Estevez (Nice):

Behind the Glittering Veil: The Nicest and The Rudest Celebrities Exposed

Known for his roles in films like The Breakfast Club and The Mighty Ducks, Estevez’s reputation for being down-to-earth and personable was reinforced by a fan’s interaction.

Olivia Newton-John (Nice):

Olivia Newton-John
RIP Queen of Australia 🙁

This beloved singer and actress, famed for her role in Grease, charmed a casino/hotel worker with her sweet demeanor, adding to her reputation as a gracious celebrity.

John Goodman (Nice):

The Big Lebowski
It’s in his name!

Esteemed actor John Goodman, known for his diverse roles across stage and screen, pleasantly surprised fans by engaging in a pre-show chat.

Nathan Lane (Rude):

Behind the Glittering Veil: The Nicest and The Rudest Celebrities Exposed

Broadway star Nathan Lane showed a colder side, avoiding eye contact and demanding the sidewalk be cleared.

Kevin Spacey (Guess):

Kevin Spacey
Uhhh… wait a minute!!

Nice?! Who would have guessed that, considering all the controversial allegations surrounding him. Yet, personal experiences sometimes tell a different story. One such experience comes from an unassuming journalist from a small community paper. Attempting to get interviews at a major event, she was surprised when Kevin Spacey, a revered actor known for his gripping performances in films like ‘American Beauty’ and series like House of Cards, treated her with surprising warmth and respect. “Kevin treated me like I was Barbara Walters, stayed till I ran out of questions, every answer thoughtful.” This incident serves as a reminder that public perceptions, media portrayals, and individual experiences can sometimes offer different glimpses into the character of celebrities.

Other nice celebs.

Drew Barrymore , Bill Hader, and David Tennant: Three names that consistently resonated with positivity in the thread were these versatile actors, each famous in their own right. Their kindness and consideration have left lasting impressions on those who’ve met them.

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