Theory suggests Hasan Kahraman of BLUE BLOX is a digital human


The BLUE BOX Studios conspiracy theory has hit a whole new level as some people believe Hideo Kojima has created a digital human to troll the internet.

Is Hasan Kahraman a real person? There’s very little info about the man and nearly every social media profile about him he has claimed is fake. Could the BLUE BOX Studios developer be a digital human created by Hideo Kojima?

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At this point we all know that there’s something more to the PlayStation 5 exclusive horror-survival game Abandoned. Although there are a lot of people still on the fence whether this is just some ARG marketing ploy for a next-gen Silent Hill reveal, most people are dead set that there are some big developers behind the game, maybe even Hideo Kojima himself.

One of the biggest hints was how involved reputable game journalist Geoff Keighley was with this “small indie game.” And now that PlayStation’s God of War developer Cory Barlog is chiming in, the sirens are sounding.

Speaking of sirens, when curious internet sleuths searched for Hasan Kahraman they discovered his verified PlayStation Network profile. It appeared to be very fake considering it showcased a game that doesn’t even exist called Siren Head. The game’s cover art showed a silhouette of the fictional 40-feet tall horror-being. People were quick to connect the dots between Siren Head and Silent Hill after they discovered an interview a Silent Hill composer talking about the character.

Shortly after this was discovered the officially Konami account tweeted out the sound of the haunting Silent Hill siren going off. Furthermore, Konami refused to confirm nor deny whether the BLUE BOX Game Studios was at all linked to the upcoming reboot and even continued to tease, and even indirectly confirmed that Abandoned is Silent Hill on their Instagram account.

Now, the BLUE BOX Studios conspiracy is bizarre rabbit hole and you might find yourself going a little crazy after discovering all the seemingly impossible coincidences that link Abandoned to Silent Hill and Kahraman to Kojima, but what’s even more mind boggling is the reference to “Siren” and how Kahraman just might actually be a “digital human.”

Hasan Kahraman Twitter video
Hasan Kahraman low quality Twitter response.

Kahraman’s digital fingerprint only goes as far back as 2017 and he has no previous link to any other major studios. His professional portfolio only consists of only a few unreleased indie games and apps. Even more questions are raised with these indie game titles as the short-lived Kickstarter for a BLUE BOX Game Studios game Rewind: Voices Of The Past was temporarily released under the name “Playable Trailer”. Another game that raised flags is called The Haunting: Blood Water Curse, and it was released for free to Steam for a few days. However, people couldn’t get past the title screen.

A user on the The Blue Box Conspiracy subreddit pointed out a connection between The Haunting: Blood Water Curse and the classic PlayStation franchise known as Siren.

Blood Water Curse is such a blatant rip-off of Siren, down to the name itself, that I’m sure that the only reason it wasn’t caught before is the hype around this being Silent Hill,” the user wrote highlighting the games plot as the give-away.

“Sarah Fineman is a journalist who is in search of her brother, Josh, visits the Red Water Woods. Hoping that she would find her brother there, she finds the woods being haunted with ghosts and comes across an occult who wants to sacrifice her and her brother to complete their ritual.”

The user continues to explain the similarities in both name and plot, saying, “The basic (full spoilers ahead, they’re needed to make sense of the weird connections) plot of Siren is that the deeply religious rural town of ‘Hanuda’ is controlled by a secret cult called the Mana who want to resurrect an alien god named Datatsushi that they ate many years ago. When a paranormal investigator interrupts one of the rituals, the town is thrown into an alternate dimension that exists outside of space and time.”

“In this alternate town, all water has been replaced by ‘red water’, which is blood of the alien god they ate, going as far as surrounding the town in a literal ocean of the stuff. The titular siren, also known as the god’s call, compels people to come in contact with the red water, which turns them into weird zombie-like creatures called Shibito.”


The game originally appeared under Hasan Kahraman’s profile before it was moved over to a Netherland based company called CreateQ/BrickQ; yet another strange company with minimal information and social media engagement. Even as writing this article the official website for the company went down! Anyway, why is this important?

The company shares a similar name to UneeQ, a New Zealand based company that specialises in something called “digital humans” specifically in human-like artificial intelligence. Bit when it comes to uncanny realistic and life-like real-time rendering of digital beings project “Siren” springs to mind.

Siren was created as a proof-of-concept demonstration of what is possible to achieve in Unreal Engine. The collaborative project included contributions from several leaders in digital human technology: 3Lateral completed 3D and 4D scanning of actress Bingjie Jiang; data was acquired in the 3Lateral scanning system.

NExT Studios "Siren"
NExT (New Experiences and Technology) Studios “Siren” is very realistic and has teeth like Hasan.

There are several companies researching “digital humans”, one of these companies is also another New Zealand based company called Soul Machines and they are recognised as the world leader in humanising AI to create astonishing Digital People — and get this — one of their biggest partners is Sony.

Shortly before Hasan Kahraman appeared online, Hideo Kojima made a visit to New Zealand. He was visiting the country on behalf of Sony but the company refused to disclose the exact details of his visit. However, Kojima made the time to meet up with Peter Jackson and his his company Weta Workship which is known for creating the most lifelike CGI in showbiz.

Ava, uncanny lifelike real-time digital human created by Soul Machines who communicates via social media.

According to industry insiders Hideo Kojima has been working on several projects and it was rumoured that the production of a Silent Hill reboot started in late 2016 or early 2017. We know that Hideo Kojima likes to make incredible leaps with each new game, and we also know that he wanted Silent Hills to mess with us on social media and in real-time.

Could it be that Hasan Kahraman is nothing more than a digital human or a soul machine; a proverbial “Siren Head” that is designed to question our subjective realities? We know the tech to creating lifelike CGI is almost there. Sony — with the help of Kojima, Jackson, del Toro and Soul Machines — could have cooked up their own version of Siren.

Hasan Kahraman does bare a striking resemblance to Soul Machines Ava, Autodesk Virtual Assistant (as seen above). Her cheeks, lips, jawline, nose and even eyes look very similar. Ava was created by Soul Machines in 2017, the same year that Kahraman first appeared online and the same year that production of Silent Hill had reportedly started.

The video response uploaded to Kahraman’s Twitter timeline seemed very unprofessional coming from somebody that is supposedly working with massive studios to bring us an exclusive PlayStation 5 title. It looked like it was filmed in a dark empty room with a static flashlight. Was the lighting done poorly to purposely hide the small details that would give away the fact that Hasan Kahraman is CGI digital human?

Oh dear, Sony, what have you done to us? Refusing to confirm nor deny whether Abandoned is Silent Hill has made us all raving mad!

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