Abandoned PS5 trailer made in an hour with Unreal assets


The trailer for the mysterious PlayStation 5 exclusive survival horror game “Abandoned” was reportedly made in one hour using in Unreal Engine assets.

Although BLUE BOX Game Studios have made efforts in trying to distance themselves for the Silent Hill rumours, the unknown developer and their low profile CEO Hasah Karahman’s credibility becomes even more questionable as it is evident that the trailer for their upcoming PS5 survival horror game currently titled “Abandoned” was made in under an hour using Unreal Engine assets.

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The trailer to the upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive currently marketed as “Abandoned” didn’t seem right with a lot of people. Apart from the fact that very little gameplay was shown, the frame-rate seemed choppy and it appeared that BLUE BOX Game Studios hired a cheap voice actress from FIVERR… and that’s not all.

Internet sleuths have discovered that the “Abandoned” PS5 trailer features assets available on the Unreal Engine store and it would take less than an hour to make that entire teaser/trailer. The assets that BLUE BOX Game Studios appear to use are Procedural Forests, Scanned Bonfires and Stumps and some kind of standard first person character animation pack. In total these assets would cost you less than USD$100, and the “Abandoned” trailer could made in under an hour using them.

Footage from "Abandoned" PS5 trailer running on the Unreal Engine.
Footage from “Abandoned” PS5 trailer running on the Unreal Engine.

In 2017, Wiktor Öhman of Quixel, uploaded a video demonstrating how people can create a realistic forest environment with Unreal Engine 4 and similar assets from Megascans in just 53 minutes. However, the asset used by Hasan Karahman allowed him to place procedural generated forests which would ultimately cut down on a lot of time allowing him to make custom assets to like the abandoned building and the “God’s Town” sign to make his project unique.

The video showing the quality of the Procedural Forrest asset made by Robert Berg bares uncanny resemblance to the “Abandoned” trailer down to the application of snow cover and a water shader with automatic debris gathering around intersecting meshes and shorelines. Even the trailer reveals that whoever designed the game used Unreal Engine, making this very plausible.

Hasan Karahman even said that the footage revealed in the trailer was not actually of their upcoming game. According to him, he rushed the trailer our to meet Sony’s deadline, and that’s why a lot of people don’t actually believe Karahman despite him claiming that he has nothing to do with Silent Hill or Hideo Kojima.

Footage from Procedural Forrest Unreal Engine 4 asset.
Footage from Procedural Forrest Unreal Engine 4 asset.

Why would Sony allow a dodgy looking asset flipped trailer to be featured as an exclusive on their store? Why would veteran gaming journalist Geoff Keighley be involved in its promotion?

There are still a lot of unanswered questions, even after Hasan Karahman uploaded a video of himself saying “I’m not an actor not working on Silent Hill,” and yep — that’s a double negative. Despite encouraging fans from speculating that the game is Silent Hill he continued to tease people, with the most recent stunt being changing his recently created Instagram profile picture to a picture of a single hill.

There are still some people who remain faithful to Team Real (they believe that this Silent Hill) and they have a good reason to be. A industry insider reached out to us and claimed that Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid are returning to Kojima despite technically still remaining a Konami property. Heck, even Konami officially confirmed that “Abandoned” is a new Silent Hill game on their official merch page.

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