Top 10 Easy Ways to Make Money in OSRS


Want to learn the 10 easiest ways to earn gold in OSRS? Here is the ultimate guide to making money (gold) in Old School RuneScape.

OSRS offers one of the best economic systems in MMO games which gives a lot of freedom. And with these easy ways, you can make a lot of money in the Old School RuneScape.

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MMORPGs have been out and around for decades now and players literally have been playing their favorite MMO title for years. But when it comes to MMO with the same classic experience, there is only a handful of these still in the market, and OSRS (Old School RuneScape) is definitely amongst the best!

From addictive MMO experience to tons and tons of content, OSRS definitely remains a fan-favorite to this day. But with so much going on, getting to know the best ways to earn gold in OSRS can be daunting. We have made a list of the top 10 easy ways to make money in the OSRS that will definitely come in handy for beginners.


Starting off with one of the easiest and just a bit tedious jobs, we have mining that is actually quite helpful in making you half a million profit each hour. But in order to get started with mining, you actually have to have at least 40 mining levels and a few items in OSRS to get started with.

Mining in RuneScape.
Easy money in OSRS: Mining in RuneScape.

However, if you have a lower mining level you will be earning a little less. So, this job totally depends on how great your mining level actually is.


Cooking is yet another job that you can pull off in this game to make a great deal of money. Cooking Karambwans can make you as much as 400 to 500k OSRS GP per hour. It’s a little boring but gets the job done anyways and it is also very easy to pull off compared to many other methods.

However, you need to have a cooking level higher than 30-35 in order to properly earn from this method. The normal way to cook Karambwans can make you around 200 to 250k but using the 1-tick method you can bump it up to 500k per hour.


Moving on to the next method, we have Fletching and for this one, I think it’s safe to say that stringing the bows is actually one of the best ways to make quick money in the game. It does require a little work and time to get things rolling but once you do, Fletching actually becomes quite profitable.

For this one, you actually need to have 50+ level in order to get the most out of it. But the best part about Fletching is that is very easy to climb the level in a very short amount of time.


Fishing is one of the easiest and mostly AFK methods to make money in this game. Using this method, you can catch different types of fish to make more profit. One of the best things you can do is to catch the sacred eels which can make you as much as 350k profit per hour.

Fishing in OSRS.
Easy money in OSRS: Fishing in RuneScape.

However, fishing also requires more skills than many other methods on this list. You need to have around 90 fishing level in order to generate a profitable amount. But you can do so while leaving your game on AFK and going by your day.


The next money method on this list is magic and there are quite some useful things that you can do with magic. One of the most profitable things that you can do is humidify the clay. You can earn up to a whopping profit of around a million per hour just by humidifying the clay.

But the thing is you need to have completed two other tasks, the Dream Mentor and the Lunar Diplomacy to make the most out of it. The minimum level required to do this is around 70.


Moving onto the next money method which is the Smithing. Smithing is easily accessible to most of the players since it only requires you to have a smithing level as low as 15 and it is actually pretty fun to do. You will have to get to the blast furnace, which is easily available.

You can do this across all the official worlds in the game as they are available all the time, so you can keep the blast furnace up and running for as long you want. The reward, of course, depends on how long you wish to do the smithing and your smithing level as well.


Farming in OSRS has a lot of potentials and it’s probably one of the most scalable methods to make money in the game. Farming can be both AFK and non-AFK and of course, both will give you a different amount of gold in the game.

But what I think is the best way to make more money in farming is herbs run, it is a pretty easy method and you can do it without having to put in any work and effort. As for how much you can earn, it totally depends on your run, your level and how much are you willing to earn.

You can make as much as 1 million or even more by using this method and all you need is a farming level greater than 30. It does take a little time to perfect the skill of herb run but it’s totally worth it.


Next up, we have Runecrafting, which is one of the most well-known methods of making a huge amount of gold is OSRS and I am talking millions! And one of the best ways to use this skill to make money fast and A LOT is crafting astral runes, you will need to have over 80 magic level in order to do this, which will take you quite some time but it’s definitely worth it.

Easy money in OSRS: Runecrafting in Old School RuneScape.

The estimated amount of gold you can make using this method is over 1.4 million, which is a lot! This is what makes skilling in Runecrafting so important in the game.


Hunting is one of the underrated skills in the game but you can make a lot of money if you just know where to look and how to best use this skill to your advantage. One of the reasons why a lot of people are afraid to do this is because you actually have to fight the wild animals in the wilderness, which is obviously a risk.

But if you are willing to take that risk, you can use your hunting skills to hunt the black Chinchompas to make as much as 1.5 million. Of course, the higher the level the more you can make from this, but it does come at a risk.


Last but definitely not least, we have thieving, which is THE best method out there to make some quick and serious money in Old-School Runescape. And no! You can’t just rob anyone; you have to rob the elves to get the best value for your skill and work.

This method can make you around 3 million gold but it does require quite some skill to get the pickpocketing right. The requirement for this method to work effortlessly is quite high, you need to have at least 85 in thieving, and also over 90 in herblore to make more money.

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