Top 5 surprise announcements Xbox/Bethesda could make at E3


Microsoft/Xbox rumoured to have a huge “industry changing” surprise announcement at their 2021 E3 showcase later today.

We’re just hours away from the Xbox and Bethesda 2021 E3 showcase event and apparently they have a huge surprise announcement that will blow fans away. What exactly could it be?

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Microsoft have made some power plays in the industry in the last couple of years, many of which have made the Xbox the more desired console of this generation. Earlier this year they announced the acquisition of triple-A game studio Bethesda, and according to our sources, they’ve got another big reveal up their sleeves for this year’s E3 conference.

While the exact details of this announcement remain unknown, there has been a lot of speculation about what it might be. Here are the top 5 rumours that might actually be true.

Xbox makes deal with Valve Corp.

Earlier this year we reported that Sony were eyeing Valve Corporation for either an acquisition or partnership. It was speculated that Sony were very much interested in getting some kind of rights to Valve’s Digital Rights Management System steam to combat the absolute powerhouse that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has become. But it looks like Microsoft got in before Sony did.

Screenrant writes “The E3 rumour mill has put forth what could be an intriguing proposal between Valve and Microsoft, and it could lead to an announcement at this year’s Xbox showcase. This would be highly irregular simply because Valve has made a point of not attending E3 for many years. Valve founder Gabe Newell famously appeared on the Sony stage for Portal 2‘s PlayStation 3 release, but the company has not been a regular presence at the convention since then.”

TES: Hemmerfell announcement.

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything about The Elder Scrolls saga, so many people believe that Microsoft/Bethesda might reveal the next instalment known as Hemmerfell at this year’s Xbox E3 showcase.

Xbox Series X - TES Hammerfell

Microsoft have already dropped a massive bombshell when they revealed that the highly anticipated space RPG Starfield that has been in development for many years at Bethesda will, in fact, be Xbox/Windows PC exclusive. The same is said to be true for all upcoming Bethesda games, with Deathloop being the very last game to available on the PlayStation consoles.

Halo Infinite E3 release.

Microsoft/Xbox have been awfully quiet about their biggest intellectual property Halo. All we really know is that the game is supposed to be available this fall. However, Xbox have a history of doing surprise launches at E3 events so what’s not to say that will drop Halo Infinite tonight?

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is a timed exclusive for the Xbox Series X|S console, but it will later release on Windows PC for sale. Halo Infinite will be available day one to all Xbox Game Pass holders and can be easily pushed to PC later in the year via Microsoft xCloud system.

Microsoft SEGA acquisition.

There has been a lot of buzz about another top-secret Miscrosoft acquisition and there are some signs that point to it being SEGA. Analysists believe that the two companies are working close together because SEGA have been aggressively advertising Xbox Game Pass and the console recently. SEGA’s brand manager has been sharing a lot of tweets from Xbox lately.

Special edition Sonic Xbox console

Even the most recent financial report filing states that “recorded one-off revenue from transfer of titles and offering of titles” was made and “the Group recorded transient sales such as title transfers and offering titles.” This is a good indicator that Microsoft have — at least — purchased exclusivity to some titles.

Xbox acquire Take-Two Interactive.

What Xbox fans are really hoping is that Microsoft have acquired one of the biggest game publishers of all time, Take-Two Interactive. Take-Two Interactive is the parent company to Grand Theft Auto developers Rockstar Games. An acquisition of this magnitude would be devastating for Sony and consequently the PlayStation 5 consoles. This could mean that Grand Theft Auto V/Grand Theft Auto 6 will be a Xbox/Windows PC exclusive.

GTA6 Xbox

Last year Xbox partnered with Take-Two Interactive to bring 60 games to the Xbox Game Pass by 2024. These games include Grand Theft Auto V, Red Dead Online, as well as many others. Shortly after the deal was made rumours started spreading about Microsoft acquiring the entire company. In a strange turn of events, Take-Two Interactive cancelled their USD$994 million acquisition of Codemasters despite having finalised their deal after a whole year of negotations.

Rockstar Game are reportedly about to announce Grand Theft Auto V Extended and Enhanced for next-gen consoles. According to a leak this updated version is running on Read Dead Redemption 2‘s RAGE engine. It is possible that Xbox may announce a free-update for Xbox Game Pass holders.

Well, that’s about it for the rumours. We know most people are hoping to get confirmation about the Microsoft/Xbox Take-Two Interactive deal although some are doubtful. A lot of people have high expectations for Microsoft’s Xbox E3 2021 showcase. Hopefully they don’t disappoint.

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