Where to Buy CS:GO Knife Karambit – Marble Fade?


The Karambit Knife with the Marble Fade is one of the nicest blades in CS:GO and you can buy it for a hefty price.

CS:GO stands for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which is a type of game that requires concentration, skill and a substantial inventory. In this game, the Karambit Knife is one of the base weapons. It has numerous skin options available, cheap and expensive ones. Among them we can find the famous Marble Fade skin.

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The skin pattern of the Marble Fade knife in CS:GO is composed of the three primary colors: red, blue, and yellow. The Marble Fade is one of the most expensive skins used in CS:GO. You can find the karambit marble fade on various online shopping sites with different price ranges, which vary depending on the wear rating and coloring.

Some of the rarest items in CS:GO [Counter-Strike: Global Offensive] are the Marble Fade knives with the Fire and Ice skin pattern. Only the Karambit, Bayonet, Flip Knife, and Gut Knife can display this specific skin pattern. The CS:GO knife skins are among the most expensive virtual goods in the game. This is because knives are always considered rare special equipment because of the drop rate, making it nearly impossible to drop one. This, of course, makes them pricey to buy outright or trade.

Best place to buy CS:GO knives.
Best place to buy CS:GO knives.

The price range of Karambit varies with the skin type, as the price of the basic one USD$1,472 and ranges up to $1,500 or more. TThere are various online sites for buying the Karambit | Marble Fade or you can try grabbing it on the Steam platform.

Rare Knife Skin Patterns on CS:GO Marble Fade

The skin design of the Marble Fade knife in CS:GO is composed of the primary colors red, blue, and yellow. These colors are found in differing degrees on various Marble Fade knife variations and can be distinguished by a random number called the Pattern Index.

Best store to buy this CS:GO knife.

When a user unlocks a CS:GO knife through a collection, a random Pattern Index is given to it. The Fire and Ice skin patterns, which are nothing more than a combination of red and blue colors on the knife, are only particularly given to select the Pattern Index related to Marble Fade knives. The Fire and Ice skin pattern is the rarest and most expensive one of all. This particular pattern has only the red and blue colors, without the addition of yellow.

Price Range and Availability of Karambit Knife Marble Fade

The Karambit | Marble Fade skin costs between $970 and $1,332, which is a hefty sum. It is currently freely accessible and can be bought on numerous markets. At the moment Marble Fade has 8K units in CS:GO public inventories. The price range varies with the knife’s pattern and its wear level.

The Karambit knife’s blade is decorated with a pattern of translucent, wavy lines that resembles smoke and is covered with metallic paint. Different hues of yellow, blue, and red are used in the skin’s color scheme to create gradient transitions. 

The skin’s Float Value spans from 0.00 to 0.08, so the Karambit | Marble Fade is only offered in Factory New and Minimal Wear states. The knife has many abrasions in the middle of the blade, on the margins of the ring, and on the corner of the edge next to the handle, all of which are close to the maximum wear levels.

Best place to buy the CS:GO Karambit Marble Fade knife.
Best place to buy the CS:GO Karambit Marble Fade knife.

The Karambit Marble fade knife can be obtained by cracking open a Chroma 2 Case, Chroma 3 Case, or Chroma Case container. 

Is This Karambit Knife Worth It?

Marble Fade is one of the most iconic skins for the Karambit. It is found in various skin fade patterns. These mostly have a high price range due to their demand among online gamers.

However, keep in mind that even the most rare and expensive skins won’t influence your skills. Therefore, if you want to become a professional CS:GO [Counter-Strike: Global Offensive] player, you need to keep practicing and the skins will make your experience more unique and memorable.

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