Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II multiplayer is great, but…


Modern Warfare II multiplayer is a hell of a lot fun (great even), however, there are a few things holding it back from being even better.

As a result of everything they’ve accomplished with this sequel, Infinity Ward deserves a standing ovation. The 2019 reboot set a high bar, and while Modern Warfare II is undoubtedly a blockbuster with an awesome multiplayer mode, the creators still have some work to do to make the game even better.

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It’s obvious that Infinity Ward wants to shake things up with this round of Call of Duty. The action in Modern Warfare II multiplayer is slower and more tactical than in its forerunners, making it feel more realistic. Instead of fast-paced action, trick shots, and more movement-focused gameplay, they’ve opted to emphasise gunplay and close-quarter shootouts this time around.

Modern Warfare II operators.
Modern Warfare II operators.

Unfortunately, many players who have previously played Warzone or Black Ops Cold War are struggling to adapt to the game’s more tactical gameplay style. Good news is that Infinity Ward don’t have to do a lot of tweaking to make this game the perfect blend of Modern Warfare and Black Ops.

Slide Cancelling.

It’s almost futile to slide in Modern Warfare II, so don’t bother. It offers no advantages in terms of strategy, but rather it will lock you into an animation from which you will be unable to escape, leaving you in the position of the traditional sitting duck.

Slide cancel.
Modern Warfare II Slide cancel.

This is especially true because sliding is slow and while you’re locked into this animation you cannot even fire your weapon. Come on Infinity Ward, at least allow us to slide cancel in Modern Warfare II.

Disable Weapon Mounting in Multiplayer.

Nobody, except for the most annoying camping noobs, enjoys or even wants this feature in the game. Mounting your weapon wasn’t well received in 2019 reboot and it certainly ins’t welcomed in this year’s Call of Duty game.

Disable Weapon Mounting!
Disable Weapon Mounting!

It would make more sense for mounting to be a feature that is exclusive to the single-player mode, or at the very least, something that is restricted to only a subset of the multiplayer game modes, such as those that involve close-quarters combat on more constrained maps. In point of fact, you should just get rid of it entirely.

Delete Third-Person Mode.

No. Just no. We understand what what you are trying to do here but we don’t want it. Don’t try to compete with Fortnite, we don’t want those players anywhere near this game. Let the kids play that game and leave Call of Duty for the hardened gamers.

Third-Person mode.
Third-Person mode.

Activision have access to hundreds of other game franchises and intellectual properties they can turn into Fortnite clones.

Ballistic Shields… really?

You want a safer and less toxic online community, Infinite Ward? How about deleting Ballistic Shields from Modern Warfare II, actually how about just outright removing them from every game. If you did that toxic gamers would have nobody to bully or yell at… just saying.

MW II Ballistic Shields.
MW II Ballistic Shields.

Because of how easily they may be exploited, players that outfit themselves with ballistic shields have an unfair advantage in the game. This lousy so-called ‘weapon’ has no place in the game, and it certainly has no place as a melee weapon. If you are going to include it in the game, at the very least give players the option of choose either the Ballistic Shield or a primary weapon. If it were the case, nobody would select the shield.

Combat Record.

Why are you hiding our weapon and kill stats from us? Please don’t follow in the footsteps of DICE and murder a perfectly fine franchise by getting rid of stats and scoreboards to protect casual players. We need Combat Record back in Modern Warfare II.

Cold War Combat Record.
Cold War Combat Record.

I want to see how many times I’ve killed or been killed by a weapon. I want to see my kill-to-death ration. I want it all. I am not going to be offended by my own stats. Bring it back!

Cammo unlocks are too easy!

I saw people with platinum weapon cammos on the day Modern Warfare II launched, and after calling people “sweaty” and telling them to “go outside and touch some grass” I learned that weapons only have 20 levels and it is way too easy to unlock all the weapon cammos/skins. So, sorry to the people I roasted.

Diamond/Platinum cammos.
Diamond/Platinum cammos.

Gamers want a challenge and want to grind for that diamond platinum cammo. The harder that cammo is to obtain, the more valuable it is to the gamer. If everybody has diamond and cammo skins for their weapon, what’s the point. Bragging rights lost.

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