Activision accused of sexism and protecting Warzone cheaters


Activision accused of sexist after banning Doug “Censor” Martin, a professional Call of Duty player from events for accusing Nadia of cheating in Warzone.

Activision have been accused of sexism after professional esports player and Call of Duty veteran Doug ‘Censor’ Martin has been permanently banned from their gaming events and tournaments after he accused newcomer Nadia of cheating in Warzone. According to the company, it was considered harassment.

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Nadia Amine rose from obscurity to become one of the most popular Call of Duty Twitch streamers and finest Warzone gamers. Her fast rise to prominence piqued the interest of certain Warzone aficionados, who conducted a detailed examination of her gameplay and concluded that she was using a cheat engine.

Despite numerous instances of suspicious and explainable gameplay, one of the most damning videos exposing her plainly reveals Nadia Amine utilising aimbot cheats in her game. Nadia tries to explain the clip in question as a “frame glitch.”

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What actually occurs in the clip is that the player Nadia is shooting at rubber-bands, which is evident because the player behind is not affected by this so-called “frame glitch.” If Nadia’s gameplay was affected by a “frame glitch,” her aim would have rubber-banded back to the original target; however, her aim snaps to the player behind him, and then back to the original target.

Rubber-banding is a latency effect in videogames in which a moving item appears to leap from one location to another without travelling through the intervening area; it is also known as “warping” or “teleporting.”

It was also uncovered that Nadia Amine has previously been banned by Activision in Call of Duty multiple times leading many to believe that she’s now using a hardware spoofer to evade the ban and play on a new account.

Nadia Amine, Call of Duty Warzone streamer.
Nadia Amine, Call of Duty Warzone streamer.

Despite the overwhelming evidence against her, Activision has declined to take action against her account, instead actively supporting and defending her by banning users that criticise her gameplay.

Activision don’t want men?

There seems to be one person calling the shots when it comes to who to support and who to ban when it comes to Call of Duty and her name is Shaniece, and according to YouTuber ItsHappa, she is very sexist.

Shaniece is in charge of “influencer relations” for Call of Duty and Activision as a whole. Her Twitter bio reads “Women Are Strong As Hell” and she’s made several man-hating tweets on her account.

Shaniece sexist tweets.
Activision accused of sexism by ItsHapa.

“Men shouldn’t have internet access,” she tweeted, before adding, “Oh so y’all agree? Men should be banned from the internet.”

Shaniece may not have the power to ban all men from the internet, but she may prohibit them from attending future Call of Duty events, which she did.

The woman in charge of “influencer relations” banned both Censor and Dr DisRespect from attending all future Call of Duty events after they criticised Nadia and accused her of cheating in Warzone.

Censor alleges he was banned for “harassing” Nadia.

The ban came even after Censor declared that his comments on Nadia cheating were a joke and that he considered her a “content genius.” However, despite his apology, the professional Call of Duty player was kept from the event for Nadia’s safety.

Shaniece bragged that the Call of Duty NEXT event, which The Doc was barred to attend, had fewer guys and greater diversity, demonstrating that Activision cares more about the appearance of their players than their skill.

“COD Next was one of the most diverse events this IP has ever seen. Period. And that was intentional from our team,” she tweeted.

While it is evident that Activision are pushing for diversity there’s no direct evidence that their policies encourage sexism or discrimination against men. However, they do tend to be very lenient when it comes to big streamers obviously cheating in their games.

Activision know but don’t care?

Taylor Morgan, a popular Australian TikToker and Twitch streamer who exclusively plays Call of Duty, said that she spoke with Activision executives, who revealed that they know which major streamers are cheating but they don’t care and will likely not take action unless they really need to.

Taylor Morgan says Activision known Nadia is hacking.
Taylor Morgan says Activision known Nadia is hacking.

Morgan responded to a comment on her TikTok account which pressed her to express her opinions on Nadia’s Warzone cheating allegations. “Activision like knows who is hacking and who’s not. Like I sat down with Janks… with Activision the night before and we talked about a whole bunch of creators and they were like ‘oh yeah, we know these people are hacking, we’re just waiting for them to give us proof and then we’ll ban them live.’ Like, they know,” Taylor Morgan said.

So, Activision may know that Nadia is cheating in Call of Duty: Warzone but they don’t really care and won’t ban her unless she pretty much confesses to it.

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