Overwatch 2 McDonald’s Meal exclusive Tracer skin is from 2018


For a limited time you can order a Overwatch 2 meal from McDonald’s in Australia and get an exclusive Tracer skin, but it isn’t new (or exclusive).

No gamers are impressed by the new McDonald’s Tracer skin that is presently accessible exclusively to Australians. Furthermore, the so-called Overwatch 2 Meal deal leaves much to be desired.

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Australian gamers were first thrilled to find that they will receive special Overwatch 2 content through a McDonald’s promotion. When game publishers debut unique content through promotions, Australians are typically left out; however, Blizzard/Activision Australia was finally doing something fun and exciting for their audience.

Earlier this week McDonald’s Australia unveiled their Overwatch 2 Meal which includes exclusive content for a limited time only. Sadly, this meal deal is merely a basic burger or nugget combo deal that just comes with a code for not-so exclusive Tracer skin.

You can buy 10 pieces of Chicken McNuggets, a BigMac, or a McChicken meal that includes a drink and fries. The medium burger meal deals cost A$11.30 while the McNuggets meal costs A$12.10.

This McDonald’s Overwatch 2 Meal deal doesn’t come with any special branding except for a game themed takeaway paper bag.

OVerwatch 2 McDonald's takeaway bag.
OVerwatch 2 McDonald’s takeaway bag.

Sadly the not-so exclusive game content that comes with the McDondald’s Overwatch 2 Meal isn’t great either.

Consumers will receive a special code that unlocks a unique Tracer skin; however, the overall aesthetic of the skin is not well received by many.

McDonald's Tracer skin.
McDonald’s Tracer skin.

The new skin makes Tracer look even more androgynous and plain then before; she kind of looks like a mix between Tintin and Bumblebee from the Transformers, and the worst part is… it’s an old purple tier skin from 2018.

Yep. This is not an exclusive McDonald’s skin, it is just an old purple tier skin from the first game which was released om 2018 for the first game’s 10 year anniversary. It’s called the Lightning Tracer skin.

So, it looks like Activision/Blizzard either really dropped the ball with this promo or they really just don’t care about their Australian fans.

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