Natasha van der Nest

PlayStation 4 Trophies that take some serious planning

Trophy hunting can be extremely demanding of your time. Here are 5 PlayStation 4 Trophies that some take serious planning and are extremely hard to earn. Whether a serious or casual gamer, there always seems to be some sort of...

Top 3 cutest pets in popular videogames

Having a companion by your side while your quest in your favourite games is great. That's why we picked top 3 cutest pets from Diablo III, MHW, FFXIV, WoW and Pokemon! It may be our love of real world animals...

Videogames are art but most people disagree

It has been debated for some time now whether or not videogames are considered as art, and although there are divided opinions and thoughts on this, you can easily talk yourself into a deep rabbit hole when it comes...

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Natasha is an avid gamer and Trophy hunter, to the point where she'll end up making lists, writing documents, and the occasional article too.

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Neekolul gave pet dog away because she got too fat

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