Below Deck Down Under Season 2 “dream team”


Imagine Malia White working along side Australia’s Captain Jason Chambers as a dream team in Below Deck Down Under season 2!

The Below Deck series are one of the hottest reality TV shows airing at the moment, and season 2 of Down Under is set to premiere ahead of the shows 10-year anniversary. We’ve seen many people either sink or swim on the show and we’ve put together our dream team that we hope to see work together in the near future.

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Even though Below Deck Down Under Season 2 has already been filmed, and its premiere is scheduled to take place right here in Australia at the beginning of 2023, that is not going to stop us from putting together our dream team, which we someday hope to see sailing the seas together in one of these super yachts.

Below Deck Down Under season 2 (2023)

It is essential for every successful charter to have a capable team that is self-assured and understands how to lead. Although there have been a lot of people who have put in a lot of hard work and are professionals working on these super yachts throughout all of the seasons of Below Deck, it is important to put together a team that you are confident will be able to work well together no matter what comes their way.

Captain Jason Chambers

Sexy Captain Jason
Captain Jason Chambers (Below Deck Down Under)

Since this is Below Deck Down Under, Captain Jason Chambers must return. He is not only one of the hardest working captains in the Below Deck family, but also one of the sexiest. Jason Chambers takes a hands-on approach to everything and frequently serves as a highly adept deck hand.

While his work ethic may be daunting to some, as we witnessed with the bosun Jamie Sayed, who felt underappreciated and somewhat ineffective around the captain, a confident bosun who matched Chambers’ work ethic and passion would be an ideal teammate.

Bosun Malia White

Malia White (Below Deck Mediterranean)
Malia White (Below Deck Mediterranean)

Consequently, Malia White, who was introduced to us all in Below Deck Mediterranean season 2, would be an ideal choice for Captain Jason Chambers’s right hand. With Captain Sandy’s guidance, Malia went from being a relatively inexperienced deck hand to one of the greatest bosuns in the history of the show.

Malia has the enthusiasm of one of those Energizer bunnies and does every responsibility with a great deal of self-assurance. She possesses excellent leadership skills, knows how to keep her team on track and delegate critical tasks to keep things organised, and has the confidence of a lioness.

Chef Marcos Spaziani

Chef Marcos
Chef Marcos Spaziani (Below Deck Sailing Yacht)

Chef Marcos Spaziani blew us away with his culinary skills, despite the fact that he is not a fan favourite. He was able to produce Michelin star dinners on the spot and under immense duress.

His “can-do” attitude and workhorse mentality make him our top choice for the position of chef on our dream team. As Captain Glenn said, “Marcos is too good. He could be an alien from the future.”

Chief Engineer Collin MacRae

Chief Engineer
Chief Engineer Collin MacRae (Below Desk Sailing Yacht)

This veteran New Zealander sailor may have spent the majority of his life at sea, but he is by far one of the most grounded men on the show. While he may laugh and make jokes about the drama he observes on board the yachts, he never participates in or encourages it; he is also a source of excellent advise and inspiring wisdom.

Since he has served as an engineer and deck hand on multiple yachts, Collin MacRae’s wealth of knowledge is also comforting to his crewmates. His demeanor and professionalism consistently put everyone who works with him at ease.

Chief Stew Aesha Scott

Aesha Scott
Chief Stew Aesha Scott (Below Deck Mediterranean/Down Under)

Stews are required to deal with a large number of demanding, often boisterous, and sometimes even downright hostile charter guests, and they are expected to do so while maintaining a smile that appears genuine. Not only is it their responsibility to serve and ensure the happiness of the charter guests, but they must also maintain the morale of the crew, which is why Aesha Scott would make an excellent dream team choice for the position of Chief Stew.

Stews in Below Deck’s history due to her positive attitude and infectious grin. She possesses saintly patience and is eager to lead by example. Her affectionate and cheerful demeanor gives warmth to an otherwise chilly and dreary yacht full with tension.

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