Billie Eilish Roasted for Very Painful Looking Back Tattoo


Billie Eilish’s new back tattoo has not only sparked conversations but also elicited laughter, as fans roast her for her decision.

Billie Eilish, the provocative songstress known for her haunting vocals and avant-garde style, has recently added a new piece of art to her collection: a sprawling and seemingly painful back tattoo. This latest endeavor of self-expression has garnered a whirlpool of attention, both awe and scorn from the masses.

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While the singer’s name has been buzzing in the limelight with her past world tours and fresh music releases, the drama surrounding her new tattoo has certainly taken a center stage. Billie has continued to woo her fans with her distinctive musical narrative and edgy fashion sense, all while navigating the choppy waters of public opinion.

The tattoo in question slithers down from the nape of her neck, meandering along her spine, and coming to a halt at her tailbone. Although the exact imagery of the tattoo remains shrouded in a bit of mystery, its extensive coverage is nothing short of bold and daring.

Eilish's painful back tattoo
Billie Eilish Roasted for Very Painful Looking Back Tattoo

Tattoos along the spine are known for their high pain threshold due to the proximity to the bone and nerve endings. The endurance required to sit through the hours of needlework is a testament to Eilish’s resilience, a quality often mirrored in her music.

However, not everyone is singing praises for Billie’s new ink. The unveiling of the tattoo on X (formerly Twitter) has led to a frenzy of critiques and roasts. Remarks ranged from comparing the artwork to excrement, to suggesting it looked like the outcome of a toddler let loose with a marker. Others questioned the quality of the artwork and the apparent pain Billie must have undergone, with one commenter jesting, “Looks like she went through torture.”

Billie Eilish white hair
Billie Eilish Roasted for Very Painful Looking Back Tattoo

Among the myriad of disparaging comments, there were those who found a humorous angle to the situation. One user remarked, “Ya know, people wanna hate on this but tbh I gotta say this is actually incredible/impressive as it’s probably the worst tattoo I’ve ever seen in my life & that’s truly an accomplishment in its own right.” The discussions even veered towards the cost, with many curious about the price tag of such a significant piece of body art.

Billie Eilish has yet again stirred the pot of public discourse, painting a picture of defiance in the face of scrutiny. Whether adored or abhorred, her new tattoo has etched a permanent mark not only on her, but also in the ongoing narrative of her stardom.

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