Colby Brock Says Goodbye to His Childhood Dog Koki


Thousands of fans give their condolences after world famous YouTuber Colby Brock shares news of his childhood dog’s passing.

In a somber tweet that stirred the hearts of many, popular YouTuber and singer-songwriter Colby Brock shared an emotional farewell to his cherished dog, Koki. The tweet showcased a touching photo of Colby holding and kissing Koki with the caption, “i’ll see you again Koki, i’m sure of it.” The heartfelt expression of loss reverberated through his expansive fan base, who rallied to share their condolences and support.

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Colby’s fans left comforting replies on his tweet, sharing their own experiences and empathizing with the void left by Koki’s absence. One user commented, “It’s never easy losing a pet, you will see him again someday. Sorry for your loss,” articulating the universal grief pet owners feel at such times. Another echoed the sentiment, saying, “She’s a little doggy angel watching over you.” The love and camaraderie shared by Colby and his fans revealed a community bound together in times of joy and sorrow.

Colby Brock’s ascent to fame began on the platform Vine, from where he transitioned to Instagram and eventually to YouTube. Alongside his best friend, Sam Golbach, he formed a duo that took the world of YouTube by storm. Their channel “Sam and Colby” became synonymous with adventure, as they delved into paranormal investigations and urban exploration. Through their shared experiences, the duo has not only entertained millions but formed a bond that transcends the digital screen.

Young Colby and dog
Colby Brock Says Goodbye to His Childhood Dog Koki

The journey wasn’t always smooth sailing. Though there isn’t verified information about Colby’s battle with cancer, the bond between him and Sam has been portrayed as a source of strength and resilience in their shared narrative. This camaraderie has been a cornerstone in their journey, showcasing the power of friendship in overcoming life’s hurdles.

Colby’s musical ventures add another layer to his creative persona. While specific details about his song “Skin” weren’t readily available, it’s clear that music holds a special place in his heart. Like many artists, Colby channels his experiences and emotions into his music, providing a therapeutic outlet and a means of connecting with his audience on a deeper level.

Colby Brock Skin
Colby Brock Says Goodbye to His Childhood Dog Koki

Koki was not just a pet but a companion who had been with Colby since childhood. Their bond was evident in the numerous pictures Colby shared on social media over the years. Koki, a unique Poxer breed (a mix of Boxer and Pug), had become a familiar face to Colby’s followers, symbolizing unconditional love and the simple joys of companionship.

Koki’s passing marks an end of an era for Colby. The departure of a furry companion who has been a constant through various phases of life is a poignant reminder of the transient nature of existence. Yet, the memories shared with Koki are indelible, providing a source of comfort and a sense of continuity.

Sad goodbye
Colby Brock Says Goodbye to His Childhood Dog Koki

In the face of loss, the outpouring of support from fans is a testament to the community Colby has built over the years. The shared empathy and understanding reflect the humaneness that binds us all, transcending the virtual divide.

Colby’s story is a beautiful blend of personal growth, friendship, and the love shared between a pet and his owner. It serves as a reminder of the simple yet profound bonds that enrich our lives, providing solace and strength in the face of adversities.

As Colby bids goodbye to his beloved Koki, the journey they shared together remains etched in the hearts of many. The legacy of Koki’s companionship and the joy he brought to Colby’s life continue to resonate, illuminating the bittersweet reality of love, loss, and the enduring bonds that comfort us in times of sorrow.

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