Blizzard and Overwatch 2 trend on Twitter but not for a good reason


It’s been almost 3 years since Blizzard announced Overwatch 2 but still there is no official news on a release date. As a matter of fact we haven’t even seen any gameplay.

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Fans woke up to see that #Overwatch2 was trending on Twitter and were excited for some more news on the highly anticipated team based shooter. Sadly, the were sorely disappointed.

Instead of sharing some exciting news Blizzard tweeted out a bunch of Overwatch 2 assets and concept art. This had many fans concerned about how far the game is actually in development.

Overwatch 2 design and graphics
Overwatch 2 looks too similar to the original making many people question why even make a sequel.

Others are outraged at Blizzard and are accused them of announcing Overwatch 2 early to draw attention away from the China/Hong Kong scandal alsow known as the Blitzchung controversy.

Blizzard slammed for defending CCP
In 2019 Blizzard fired a professional esports player for voicing support for Hong Kong protesters.

In October 2019, American video game developer Blizzard Entertainment punished Ng Wai Chung (吳偉聰) (known as Blitzchung), a Hong Kong esports player of the online video game Hearthstone, for voicing his support of the 2019–20 Hong Kong protests during an official streaming event. The public’s response, which included a boycott and a letter from United States Congress representatives, prompted Blizzard to reduce the punishment, but not to eliminate it.

People retaliated by organising a protest that involved them showing up at BlizCon dressed as Winnie The Pooh.

Protesters showed up at BlizCon dressed as Winnie The Poog to insult their relations to the CCP.

But why did people show up as Winnie the Pooh? To put it in context, it began in 2013 when the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, made an official visit to the United States (US). There he was photographed with then US President Barack Obama.

One of the pictures of the two walking together went viral with several bloggers pointing out that Xi Jinping looked similar to the popular cartoon character in the photograph.

Winnie the Pooh was banned in China because of this image.

The picture reminded many of a scene from Winnie The Pooh cartoon series featuring Winne himself and the Tigger. It goes without saying that Tigger was Obama and Winnie was Jinping.

After the image went viral the Chinese Communist Party banned Winnie The Pooh from China. They even forced international digital distributors into banning games that referenced Jinping and Pooh.

Steam and GOG (Good Old Games) were forced to remove the popular Taiwanese horror game Devotion from their stores because the game contains an Easter egg of a poster containing the words “Xi Jinping” next to “Winnie the Pooh”, in an ancient Chinese writing.

Although #Overwatch2 is trending on Twitter no official release date has been officially announced yet, but during a financial call in February 2021, Blizzard told investors that neither Overwatch 2 or Diablo 4 were likely to be released in 2021, which means it is not likely that the game will be out until 2022.

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