Blizzard removes “racist” hangman’s noose spray from Overwatch


Blizzard have replaced McCree’s so-called “racist” hangman’s noose spray with an unlucky horse shoe after the whole Bubba Wallace ordeal.

There’s nothing inherently racist about nooses, and if you think there is then you’re probably racist. Some folk over at Blizzard seem to think about people of colour when they see a hangman’s noose. They’ve removed the spray from Overwatch.

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Death by hanging was a capital punishment that was dealt to the most extreme crimes from 1776 to 1920 until it was abolished and replaced by lethal injection.

It is fitting that the gun slinging Overwatch cowboy has a spray depicting the hangman’s noose as it was common for outlaws to get the short drop and sudden stop back in the day.

However, some people think to think that the hangman’s noose spray is — somehow — an insult to black people and now Blizzard have deleted it from the game.

First Time meme

Blizzard will most likely find and remove more problematic, racist items in Overwatch.

Gamers are collectively facepalming at Blizzard’s latest actions. “Wow, thanks Blizzard. You ended racism by deleting a pointless cowboy themed spray from your game… well done,” one fan wrote sarcastically.

Some are praising Blizzard’s decision, claiming that most people use the spray in a racist way. One user said they had to stop playing Overwatch because one gamer kept using the hangman’s noose spray over their spray, something they considered to be a death threat.

“When I got my Ana Cute spray I had a McCree putting the noose spray around her neck every time,” one person Tweeted, expressing his approval.

Overwatch McCree noose spray

Blizzard remove the McCree noose spray from Overwatch because it’s now racist.

“Every game I’m in people use it to threaten POC (people of colour). People claiming it is just a cowboy themed spray are clearly racist,” another wrote.

The new skin is a little less edgy. It is a horse show with the word “bad luck” engraved on the top. Blizzard are hoping that people won’t find the new Overwatch spray racist too.

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