I Can’t Play MWII Multiplayer After the MW3 Beta


I’ve uninstalled Modern Warfare II. The MWIII beta has tainted me and I can’t go back to the sluggish aim and movement.

In the realm of first-person shooter games, the transition from Modern Warfare II (MWII) to Modern Warfare III (MWIII or MW3) Beta felt like stepping into a sleek new era, only to be jolted back to the clunky past. The Open Beta weekend for MWIII last weekend wasn’t just a fleeting romance, it was a glimpse into an exhilarating future that made going back to MWII’s multiplayer mode feel like a chore.

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The MWIII Beta wasn’t just a game; it was an experience that rekindled the classic Call of Duty vibes with a sprinkle of modern-day gaming zest. The gameplay tweaks were noticeable and impactful, lending a faster, more fluid movement to the avatars.

Weapon handling felt intuitive, with the feature of slide cancelling injecting a fresh layer of strategy and finesse into the combat. The multitude of enhancements such as improved gunsmith customizations enriched the gameplay, although the graphics remained nearly identical to its predecessor. The physics were tweaked, leaning more towards fun than sheer realism, which elevated the enjoyment factor significantly.

Modern Warfare II
I Can’t Play MWII Multiplayer After the MW3 Beta

The subtle yet impactful changes and the seamless integration of these tweaks made MWIII (MW3?) feel like the polished version of the Call of Duty title we’ve all been yearning for, retaining its core essence while markedly amping up the gameplay experience.

A Breath of Fresh Air: The Modern Warfare III Beta

However, not all was sunshine and rainbows. The Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM) during the beta was a tough nut to crack. It’s a system designed to place players in lobbies with others of similar skill level, but the beta version seemed to have dialed it up to eleven.

MW3 gameplay
I Can’t Play MWII Multiplayer After the MW3 Beta

Encountering lobbies where players were racking up over a hundred kills was common, leading to a cycle of entering and exiting lobbies in search of a balanced match. The silver lining is that with the reins now in Microsoft’s hands, there’s a glimmer of hope for addressing the SBMM debacle.

The Ghost of MWII: A Bittersweet Return

Transitioning back to MWII was akin to stepping into a time capsule. Despite the Halloween 2023 updates bringing in a fun spooky vibe with new game modes and refreshed maps, the gameplay felt like wading through molasses. The sluggish aim and lethargic movement were a stark contrast to the snappy responsiveness of MWIII Beta. The MWII maps, once a playground, now felt like a haunted maze of monotony.

In Australia, the situation worsened with the challenge to find decent lobbies for anything other than the overplayed Shipment 24/7 mode. High ping issues, reaching a staggering 150ms compared to the usual 17ms, further dampened the gaming spirit. The sight of more gamers streaming Black Ops Cold War than MWII on Twitch was a testimony to the dwindling allure of MWII. Perhaps it was the vexing SBMM, pushing players into mismatched lobbies across regions, that was the final straw.

As November 10, 2023, inches closer, the anticipation for MWIII’s (or MW3’s) multiplayer mode is palpable. The honeymoon phase of MWII had a beautiful dawn but saw a swift dusk as gameplay turned into a grind fest and the maps lost their charm. With the promise of refined matchmaking, exciting features, and the return of that adrenaline-pumping gameplay, MWIII is not just a game awaiting release; it’s a hope for reclaiming those endless hours of pure, unadulterated gaming joy.

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