Dr DisRespect hacked during Rogue Company stream by Forsen fans


Thousands of fans were shocked when Dr DisRespect’s stream was interrupted by glitching video of his cheating apology while he was playing Rogue Company.

Dr DisRespect was playing Epic Games’ Free-To-Play third-person shooter, Rogue Company, when his stream was interrupted by a video of Guy Beahm apologising for cheating on his wife.

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2017 was a rough year for the Two-Time champ as his personal and professional life as a full-time Twitch streamer collided. Rumours started surfacing that Guy Beahm had cheated on his wife with another streamer.

Nobody knew where these rumours were coming from yet the mainstream media seemed to know everything about it. Eventually a former moderator and real life friend of Guy’s, OHMEGA, spoke out, saying that he had cheated multiple times on his wife.

Guy made an emotional apology video to his fans and friends and took some time off to work on his marriage. He later returned and continued to dominate the streaming scene with tens of thousands of live watchers.

Sadly, some trolls — mostly Forsen fans — just wouldn’t let it go and would spam his chat with “Dr DisRespect your wife,” and other memes attacking The Doc.

Dr DisRespect meme Forsen

Forsen fans troll Dr DisRespect with images of his apology video.

These trolls are no in full force again and are hacking Dr DisRespect’s stream during his overwhelmingly successful return to streaming on YouTube.

While Dr DisRespect was “dialling up” his controls for Rogue Company, a hacker put up a video of Guy Beahm’s tearful apology video.

[mv_video key=”rpcf4o4rcgrinbvbu4fa” title=”Dr DisRespect hacked by Forsen fans” thumbnail=”https://mediavine-res.cloudinary.com/video/upload/rpcf4o4rcgrinbvbu4fa.jpg” volume=”70″ doNotOptimizePlacement=”false” doNotAutoplayNorOptimizePlacement=”false” ratio=”” jsonLd=true]

The chat was shocked to see the video pop up and assumed Dr DisRespect had been hacked. The Doc ignored the video until it happened again only few minutes later.

StreamLabs exploit

When a video of popular Twitch streamer, Forsen, popped up, Dr DisRespect knew exactly who to blame.

“Here’s all the little chubby guts .. they’ve never been outside … they’re not athletic. They’re all little Forsen fans, you know,” The Doc says while mocking them with a ‘nerdy’ impression.

“Let’s put damage in here, this is going to get so many people to chuckle!” The Doc said mockingly.

Dr. DisRespect Spotify Gold

Guy “Dr DisRespect” Beahm promised massive and exciting things for his return moments before he was hacked..

He then added: “These guys, unfortunately, don’t have anything going for them in their lives, but I guess there is a way for them to post things through StreamLabs.”

Dr DisRespect explained that the trolls knew of a StreamLabs exploit that allowed them to send whatever they wanted through to his stream. The exploit is highly dangerous and can be used to send immoral content through to another users stream that might get them banned.

Dr DisRespect disabled his stream alerts for the remainder of the stream and said he is going to work with StreamLabs to resolve the issue.

Forsen fans have history of trolling The Doc

This is not the first time that Forsen fans have trolled Dr DisRespect.

Forsen has always had a very liberal approach regarding. No topics are off-bounds in his chat, and he usually enables his fans when they obsess over a certain topic; and his fans took a huge interest in The Doc when he admitted to cheating on his wife.

Forsen beard

Sebastian Hans Eli Fors aka Forsen think Dr DisRespect is overreacting.

Dr DisRespect lashed out at Forsen and his fans during the live stream and called them “goofy loose gut idiots.”

Forsen responded saying he was surprised with how negatively he acted to his trolls.

“I’m a little surprised he [Dr DisRespect] got so upset over pixels. I mean he is known for trash talking 90% of the big streamers on this platform,” Sebastian Hans Eli Fors, the streamer known as Forsen, said.

Fans were quick to back Dr DisRespect and said that him competitively trash talking other streamers in game is not the same as trolling somebody about something traumatic that happened in their personal life.

Forsen fans have taken credit for the hack and are currently celebrating it on his official sub-Reddit.

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