Ines M Roml, adorable 19-year-old Spanish TikTok star, bullied


Ines M Roml, a 19-year-old Spanish TikTok star, has been receiving hateful comments about her voice and appearance by non-binary and women of colour.

Ines M Roml was in tears when she uploaded an emotional video to TikTok about being bullied off the platform for “being basic” and “having an ugly and annoying voice.”

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The 19-year-old Spanish born TikTok star Ines Roml went viral when she first uploaded a video of herself trying to pronounce English words with her Spanish accent. She got the idea from fellow TikTok star Evel Gabrielle and told people she was excited to share the video because she actually pronounced some words right.

The video, uploaded on exactly a year ago (May 5th, 2020), went viral and was viewed over 1.5 million times. The comments were overwhelmingly positive as the majority of her newfound fans considered her to be cute and wholesome.

Unlike most TikTok stars her age, Ines Roml was not all about wearing skimpy and revealing clothing and dancing sexually to popular songs. It was her sincerity that earned her the massive following which has quickly approaching 2 million people. Her comments section is mostly filled with wholesome remarks calling her cute, adorable, and praising her English speaking abilities.

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Sadly, some people just do not like the girl, especially young non-binary people and teen women of colour. It is important to note that Ines has an incredibly diverse fan group: members of the LGBTQ community (like myself), people of all races, cultures, and beliefs. There are trans people who adore her, just like there are people of colour who do too. However, a small group of teenage girls who identify as trans are very vocal about their hate towards Ines, and they have bullied her off the platform.

Ines M Roml called annoying cis white girl

After receiving hatful and hurtful comments Ines uploaded a heart-wrenching emotional video to her TikTok channel talking about her haters and her insecurities.

“Okay, I was not going to make a video,” a teary-eyed Ines begins, adding “I look terrible so please excuse that.”

Ines eyes war red from and watering from crying and she was sniffling. It was clear that she was trying to keep herself from crying.

“I just want to clarify that — yes — this is my real voice and I’ve been getting really mean comments saying ‘that I’m the worst thing that I’ve ever witnessed’ or that I’m annoying and my voices is one of my biggest insecurities and, I don’t know, it just really hurts.”

She concluded: “I just wanted to say that there’s real people behind the cameras and please be mindful of what you say and I love you guys.”

Ines M Roml hateful and hurtfil TikTok messages

The video, posted only a few hours ago by the Spanish TikTok star, already has 2 million views and 50 thousand likes. A lot of her fans are getting behind her and showing support and love for the emotional TikTok star.

“She’s literally the most unproblematic person on this app, why are you hating her? Obviously she’s foreign but her accents [sic] fine so leave her alone,” one TikTok user commented.


Ines Roml has not uploaded since making the emotional plea to her haters and the video remains live garnering a lot of love and support.

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