Shane Dawson teases secret hint in latest conspiracy video


Now that the popular Beautiful world of Jeffree Star series has concluded Shane Dawson is back to creating classic content for the fans.

It was a long, and entertaining. journey for Shane Dawson and co. as they sleeplessly worked around the clock to launch the Conspiracy and Mini Controversy cosmetic line. Now Dawson can rest and enjoy the spoils of his campaign, but instead he’s straight back to working on more YouTube content.

Did you know?

In January Shane opened his second channel, Shane Glossin’, which already has over 2.5 million subscribers. On that channel Dawson resumed his extremely popular conspiracy video series with the latest upload entitled, “Conspiracy Theories: Warning Signs with Shane Dawson,” and there’s a secret hint in there.

The video accumulated more than 3.9 million views in just 24 hours and many fans, like me, have watched the video more than once. However, much to our surprise we supposedly missed some creepy hints that Shane Dawson hid in his last video.

Shane Dawson YouTuber star selfie

It seems as though the hint has gone over a lot of people’s heads. One fan pointed out that one part of the video shows a 1/14 leading people to believe, and hope, that this is the first video in a 14 part series, while others think that this just means that this video was first edited on January 14th.

Why did Shane Dawson upload conspiracy series to second channel?

One thing that fans noticed is that the new conspiracy video is not on Sane’s main channel like the rest of them, what’s up with that? It could be that Dawson is avoiding any strikes on his channel as YouTube is now cracking down on conspiracy centred channels.

Watch the Shane Dawson latest conspiracy video below and see if you can find the hint!

That, or maybe he is just going to put more vlog styled videos on his secondary channels and more produced content like documentaries on his main channel.

Did you spot the secret hint that Shane Dawson has hidden in his last video? If you think you found it, let us know what you think it is in the comments below.

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