Twitch streamer Froste receives death threats for making a BTS joke


It’s no secret that BTS have one the largest fan bases in the world, and now seemingly one of the most dangerous. Hundreds of thousands of fans are targeting a popular Twitch streamer after he made a joke about the group on Twitter.

NEWS: Twitter is instantly banning people for using this word.

The Coronavirus is the most discussed topic currently today, so naturally people are bound to make a few jokes about it.

With scientists working around the clock to make a vaccine for the fast spreading and deadly virus many people on Twitter jokingly think that they have a solution.

“If Billie Eilish had coronavirus the fan base would find a cure tomorrow,” one user wrote.

Forte saw this Tweet and said the same about BTS, understandably since they have one of the largest fan bases — and seemingly most dedicated — in the world.

Unfortunately the joke was not well received and the Twitch streamer was accused of being racist and the BTSARMY campaigned to dox him(reveal personal and sensitive information), and get him fired… some even wanting to kill him.

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Twitch streamer Froste outrages BTS fans with Coronavirus tweet.

“Egg white boy is racist, let’s dox him, find his family, and get everyone fired,” one angry BTS fan Tweeted.

The irony of the situation is that the tweet in no way, shape or form was racist… and the fans who thought was were being racist themselves for confusing South Korea for China.

The joke was to compliment the size and dedication of the BTS fan group, but it just went straight over there head.

South Korea handled the coronavirus in such way that it has already peaked and cases are dwindling by the day.

You can check out Forte’s Twitch channel here. He’s almost at 40,000 followers.

What are your thoughts on Forte’s BTS Tweet? Do you think it was racist or the the BTSARMY over reacting again?

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