Kristen Stewart appears as gay Captain America and fans cringe


Kristen Stewart made headlines for calling executives at Disney transphobic, now she is being favoured as the next gay Captain America… and fans cringe.

Kristen Stewart became ever teen boy’s crush and every teenage girl’s idol when she first appeared as Bella Swan in the film adaptation of the best selling young adult fiction novel, Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer. Since then she hasn’t exactly maintained her star status; a mental breakdown and a series of vulgar public displays has kind of gotten in the way of her booking top tier roles.

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Fortunately, the 29 year old actress is projected to make a big Hollywood comeback. After being caught in a bit of a rut by mostly only scoring indie films, Kristen Stewart has bagged the role of Sabina Wilson in the Charlie’s Angel reboot and is allegedly eyeing a role in the MCU.

MCU Direct tweeted an image of the actress Photoshopped as Captain America with the caption, “Actress Kristen Stewart “should be the gay female Falcon Captain America” in the MCU, says Falcon-actor.” The tweet has left the fan community cringing.

Kristen Stewart as gay Captain America is cringe?

The general consensus is that people aren’t upset about a gay Captain America, but rather hiring an actress who blames white men for everything wrong in the world. Last month Stewart told Harpar’s BAZAAR that Hollywood was run by white homophobic and transphobic men who would turn down talented actresses for roles for simply holding hands with their same sex partners. A source close to Stewart later explained to her that the individual was referring to her demeanour — which is known to be quite vulgar and explicit — and not her sexual orientation.

The bottom line is that there are plenty of wholesome gay, bi, lesbian and trans actors out there who are outstanding role models and are more deserving of these kind of roles. You shouldn’t have to be controversial to score big parts, or be a beacon of some kind of activism to even be considered. Take Ellen DeGeneres as an example; she came out in 1997 and has since had a very successful career in film and television. She’s even voiced one of he most loved Disney/Pixar animated character’s Dory.

Where’s the cringe? Fans are cringing at Kristen Stewart and not the idea of a gay Captain America. Big roles shouldn’t be awarded to those who complain the most or put on the biggest public scenes, they should be given to those who are simply worthy and, at least in Disney’s case, can fit the wholesome family image.

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