Climate change activists are going to flip out when they see Ford v Ferrari


Ford v Ferrari may very well be the best movie of the year but if you’re offended by plastic straws, this movie will give you a heart attack.

James Manigold’s cinematic retelling of the historic moment American Motorsports hero Ken Miles thrashed the Italian giant Ferrari is one of the best movies I’ve seen this year, and that’s saying a lot since I am not really into cars. However, considering current affairs I can only assume some people are going to hate it and might go as far to protest its existence.

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Protesters all over Australia are blocking roads and condemning people for driving to work. Even I got blocked by an angry protester and I drive a 1.2L Hyundai. It may not be a hybrid but compared to any of the cars featured in Ford v Ferrari it’s a kitten.

The real star of the show is the 1966 Ford (USA) GT40 Mk II. It’s the 485 horsepower beast that devoured the Ferrari, but such power comes at a cost and in this case it’s 23.9L per 100kms, and probably more when at full throttle.

Ken Miles and Carroll Shelby, Ford v Ferrari
Ken Miles no hero to climate change activists.

The massive 24 hour race that’s featured at the end is Le Mans and the track is Circuit de la Sarthe which, today, is 13.626km. Each car must complete approximately 355 laps, so that’s 4837.23kmm per car. The Ford GT40 alone used over 1,156L of fuel and there are over 40 cars racing just that one day… I can hear activists hyperventilating already.

James Manigold spared no expense when it came to authenticity and had a real replica of the 1966 Ford GT40 made, but a bit more modern and a lot more powerful; powered by a specially prepared Roush V8 built to 511 cubes, this movie monster cranks out 600 horsepower. It’s actually up for auction now!

But, oh my God this movie is awesome. Great performances by the entire cast (Caitriona Balfe as Mollie Miles especially), it was funny, wild, and emotional. And boy, the sound of those engines with Dolby Atmos made me feel, uhh… alive? I’m now a car person!

Climate change activists will not like the Ford v Ferrari trailer.

Ford v Ferrari is freakin’ awesome movie and I highly recommend to everyone… except for climate change enthusiasts, of course. The thundering roar of the Ford GT40 will probably give them an aneurysm.

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