Sleep Token unmasked: Identity of singer VESSEL revealed


We discovered the true identity behind the incredibly powerful and beautiful voice behind the alt-metal group Sleep Token, and it will BLOW YOU AWAY!

After a lot of investigative work and deep digging, we have finally discovered the identity of what could potentially be one of the greatest singers in modern history; Vessel from Sleep Token. If you don’t want his identity to be spoiled, click on the article below!

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This isn’t the first time we’ve uncovered the identity of a mysterious band. This time last year we were the first to discover the identity of the power-house vocalist in the horror-themed electro-industrial group SKYND. Well, we don’t actually know the genre of SKYND because they are so unique, not many do.

Now we know who the frontman of the London based progress band Sleep Token that is dominating Spotify in the post-lockdown era.

No, it is not Dan Smith from Bastille.

Many people wondered whether Sleep Token’s singer could be the singer from Bastille, Dan Smith. He has a similar range and vocal tone, and they are both and they are both from London, United Kingdom. But it doesn’t make sense that a millionaire musician would go and do the grind at small venues for little cash and reward.

Although it is undeniable that they sound the same, Dan Smith is not Vessel from Sleep Token. We’d argue that the singer from Sleep Token is a better vocalist than he, especially after what we’ve discovered.

So, are you ready to find out who the singer known as Vessel from Sleep Token is? His name is Jordan Hunt and he’s one of the best artists we’ve ever stumbled across. Actually, it’s not Jordan Hunt. We made a huge mistake!

Sorry. It’s not Jordan Hunt!

At first we believed Jordan Hunt was Vessel. He is a little known composer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist from London, UK. Not many people know him. He only has 539 followers on YouTube and 571 followers on Twitter, which — quite honestly — is a sin.

IDENTICAL: Joran Hunt has incredible voice just like Vessel… but it’s not him!!

Jordan Hunt has some extremely well produced music on his channel, better than most top tier artists on Spotify. His music videos, which he produces himself I might add, are incredibly well shot and accompanied with his voice and music they are incredibly moving.

After watching a video of him performing his original “The Sea” at St George’s Church, Bloomsbury, London, in 2014 I was so convinced that it was him. I’m not the only one, either. His YouTube page is filled with comments saying “WORSHIP” which is a phrase commonly used by the band. But nope, Jordan Hunt is not Vessel from the progressive rock trio now known as Sleep Token.

Someone reached out to us with the real identity of Vessel (thank you!) and after looking into it a bit, I now believe that Leo Faulkner from Blacklit Canopy is actually Vessel from Sleep Token.

Leo Faulkner is Vessel from Sleep Token

We never, ever would have known about this if it wasn’t for someone who knows the London music scene like the back of their his band. Before Sleep Token the singer was in a little known band called Blacklit Canopy.

Vessel from Sleep Token is Leo Faulkner of Blacklit Canopy
Leo Faulkner is Vessel from Sleep Token: 100% confirmed.

Their LAST.FM bio reads: “Blacklit Canopy was a duo formed from the members Leo Faulkner and Gemma Matthews. They were known for creating music which was ambient, melodic and moving, using largely minimalistic instrumentation and production. Blacklit Canopy originated from Bristol, UK and had minor successes previously releasing on the BIMM album in 2013.

“Members were known for their moderate early success with their personal YouTube channels, and are known now for other projects…”

Other projects, hmm? Is one of those other projects Sleep Token? It sure as heck is. Listen to Blacklit Canopy.

Sadly there isn’t too much information out there on Leo Faulkner or his former group Blacklit Canopy. Perhaps Leo Faulkner and Gemma Matthews were dating and the band broke up when the relationship ended. Maybe they are still together. Maybe they never dated.

Maybe the girl in the Sleep Token videos is Gemma Matthews? Just with fake piercings and a wig?

Is this Gemma Matthews? It doesn’t really look like her, but then again this whole band is about hiding their identities. I do know that this is not some random girl, too. She appears in almost every Sleep Token music video: The Way That You Were, Jaws, and even Calcutta. It’s clear that she means something to someone.

Suffice to say Blacklit Canopy were a very talented group, but after listening to Sleep Token, you could definitely tell they hadn’t reached their full potential — there final form, if you will

Vessel is not black, he's white.
Body paint washes off Vessel revealing a scrawny, thin, young white singer.

Not convinced? Well, you should be. Our source has confirmed that Leo Faulkner is Vessel from Sleep Token. Some believe that Vessel is a person of colour because of his incredibly soulful voice and, well, because he covers his entire body in charcoal body paint. No, that’s not a blackface… the entire band is just trying hide their entire identity by covering any identifiable marks so that people like me can’t figure it out. And it worked.

If it wasn’t for that email today I would still believe that Vessel was Jordan Hunt. But after comparing his voice, it is clear that there are distinct difference in tones and sharpness between the two, and Faulkner matches the bio more than Hunt.

vessel jordan hunt
Sleep Token Unmasked: Left Jordan Hunt in The Sea music video. Right Vessel performing for Sleep Token live.

Still, I highly recommend checking out Jordan Hunt. His music does have that cinematic larger-than-life feel to it, and he has a beautiful voice. If you like Vessel’s singing, you will like Hunt.

So, there you have it. You can believe me or choose not to. I believe I’ve shown you enough evidence that Vessel from Sleep Token is REALLY Leo Faulkner from Blacklit Canopy. The rest is up to you.