MAFS Jessika Power illegally streamed the Zerafa v Horn 2 fight


Last night’s Main Event, Zerafa v Horn 2, didn’t come cheap. It cost viewers AUD$59.90, that is, of course, unless you are one of Jessika Power’s 220k Instagram followers. Then you got to see it for free, illegally.

Jessika Power loves controversy and drama. She lied to and cheated on her on-screen hubby on Married at First Sight (MAFS) and then continued to stir the pot when the show concluded.

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Last night Jessika spent a night luxurious night on the town with her friends Krystal Turner Harvey and Jason ‘Villin’, the founder of Villin Club. After enjoying a few drinks at her friends club they went straight to the Zerafa v Horn 2 fight.

Just to prove that she seriously gives no F’s, Power violated copyright law last night by live streaming the entire Main Event fight between Michael Zerafa and Jeff Horn.

MAFS Jessika Power Instagram live streamed fight.

Jessika Power seemed a bit clueless last night while watching the fight as she gave a passing commentary of her own on the fight. Most of her comments were about herself and her followers with the occasional punching sound effect.

He’s smokin’ him

Jessika’s — alleged — date for the evening, Jason, was supporting the ‘underdog’ Michael Zerafa and with every connecting hit he would shout, “he’s absolutely smokin’ him!”

MAFS Jessika Power Instagram photo of Jason Villin

But then, soon after, the tables turned and Zefara was knocked to the ground twice by Horn in brutal fashion… not surprisingly Jason remained mum for the rest of the fight.

Hornet! Hornet! Hornet!

Although Jason went quiet the rest of the crowed erupted with cheer for Jeff Horn as they shouted, “Hornet! Hornet! Hornet!” Much to the disapproval of her date(?), Power joined in on the chanting.

She had very little knowledge about the fight or the fighters but did her best to give a thoughtful, and somewhat intoxicated, commentary. Although she had no clue what round it was, or who even won, we still give her credit for trying.

Main Event to sue Jessika Power over copyright infringement?

Main Event Australia are within their rights to sue Jessika Power for broadcasting the event live to her 220k followers as they are currently right holders to the broadcast… but they most likely won’t.

Just remember, kiddos, that you need permission to broadcast any professional events in the future or you might be slapped with a massive fine.

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