The Voice: Ellen Reed Blames Producers for Ruined Career

The Voice: Ellen Reed Blames Producers for Ruined Career

Ellen Reed’s return to The Voice Australia didn’t exactly go as planned. From runner up to a huge let down, Ellen’s performance was one of the worst we’ve seen this season.

You’d expect someone who made it to the finals of The Voice Australia to come back and wow us with a stunning performance. But what we got instead was an absolute shocker of a performance. And, no big surprise, none of the judges turned for her. Is it her fault, though? Nah!

Ellen Reed plays the victim. Ellen Reed plays the victim card as she accuses the producers of setting her up for failure. Initially, she said, it was something she had no interest in doing. But the judges, she claims, pretty much promised her a spot post-blinds.

Ellen Reed professional singer? | Sausage Roll

In an interview with Mamamia Ellen alleged the judges emotionally manipulated her into participating.

“You’re a weapon of a singer, we’ll be incredibly surprised if you don’t turn a chair, you just have to trust us.” Reeds gave her account of what the producers told her.

“He implied that I’d be okay, so I ended up being convinced to go back,” Ellen Reed said.

She continues to complain at the poor Mamamia reporter about not having a choice on what to wear or what to sing. Bloody oath, mate. It’s not like she didn’t know the ropes already being a returning guest and all. And surely having a team of professionals do your wardrobe, hair and make up isn’t such a bad thing. Why is she complaining? Simple, she doesn’t own her dodgy performance and is worried that it will end her career.

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She continued, “I asked to speak to an executive producer the day of my audition because I was worried about how this could negatively impact my career. But the first contact I had was about a week and a half ago, when a random person from their team said I was allowed to announce that I was an All Star.”

Reality check, Ms. Reed

As the professional singer she claims to be, Ellen Reed should have nailed her performance of Diamonds – but she didn’t because she is nowhere close to the level she believes she’s at. The problem wasn’t what she wore or the song choice. She looked great and any artist would have been thrilled to sing Diamonds. To me it looks like the producers really wanted her to succeed, but unfortunately for her she just doesn’t have the voice.

In the end I just think that Ellen Reed is embarrassed with Tuesday night’s shoddy performance. Now she’s playing the victim and blaming the producers to salvage what is left of her career. Grow up, Ellen.

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